Led Zeppelin is and always will be the best Rock band in the world

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  1. Are things not supposed to get better over time? this is true for most things but not music! the majority of the shit artists today don't even know how to play an instrument! atleast we still have zeppelin to rock out to! is there any better music to listen to while baked?
  2. heres the deal: compare led zeppelin to any new or modern band, and you will realize that led zeppelin was leagues, lightyears even, further and more advanced in every way.

    the music that comes out today is just bullshit mass media trends, new songs every week that are just little tweakes from the ones last week, its like sheep being fed the same meal eve3ry nioght but a lil but different

    idk if that made any sense but im really bakjed so it does to me./
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    There are actually quite a bit of good bands putting out music today.
    You just don't hear about them often.

    Now as for Zeppelin...Great band, one of my top 5 all time. But I disagree that they were the best Rock band of all time.
    If you go by sales, they Beatles win first place. AC/DC, Queen, Pink Floyd and the Stones also best them.(although Queens and The Beatles only have half the confirmed sales as what is claimed they sold, placing the Beatles still in top, and Queen way down the list with Guns N Roses or something like that)

    If you go by musical talent...well, that's a hard one to define. Does shredding super fast make you the best? Or does putting together a really good melody make you the best?

    Hard Rock wise, I think Led Zeppelin completely owned this genre. Best Hard Rockers ever, I have to definately agree.
    But Hard Rock =/= All of Rock. Would've Led Zeppelin been as succesful as Pink Floyd and Genesis had they done Prog Rock?
    As popular as The Beatles had they done Pop Rock?

    Rock is too wide of a genere to have a best Rock band of all time. You can only really have a best of a specific genre(Led Zepp-Hard Rock, Floyd-Prog Rock, Elvis-RocknRoll, etc.)

    Just my 2 cents.
  4. Too bad they stole some tunes from the blues.
  5. If Pink Floyd did not exist, I would agree with you wholeheartedly :love:
  6. Meh, there's nothing wrong with taking a 50 year old song and re-doing it.
    As long as it's not the exact same and done cheaply.

    For example, When The Levee Breaks was a 20s blues song.
    They did a fantastic job of that song. Better than the original? Fuck yes.

    Wolf Hoffmann did a whole album of Rock versions of old classical songs.
    Great album.

    On the other hand, Dr Dre's Production of My Name Is(Eminem), and Aint Nothin but a G Thang are despicable. He didn't do a single thing. They are both literally 70s jazz and funk loops with not a single thing done to them. Not chopped up, no effects.
    That right there is some fucking theft.
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    Haha, I see the mentioning of Pink Floyd... I've long argued with myself over which was the best rock band of all time, Floyd or Zeppelin (Sorry Beatles... you may have Come Together, Helter Skelter, Let it Be, LitSwD, and a ton of sales... but they just don't compare to either of the two if you ask me.)

    It would be Floyd without a question I could bring myself to call them rock. TBH Pink Floyd transcended genre.

    As did The Hendrix Experience...

    So yeah.

    Led Zeppelin is probably the greatest Rock band of all time. Start using Rock a bit more loosely, and it becomes a whole different argument.

    Ask yourself, Do Led Zeppelin I or IV, as great of albums as they are, even come close to the musical mastery of DSotM?

    And Zeppelin certainly never made anything like Echoes (at least that I'm aware of.)

    I love both bands as much as one can love a musical group, listening to their music made me who I am today... and every time I get in to this shit, it ends up being an argument of semantics. I think Pink Floyd is a better band, always will, but I don't want to call them the best Rock band of all time...

    Edit; As mentioned above this post, anyone who knocks WTLB for not being original is a communist; Zeppelin OWNED that song, and it's a fucking powerhouse.
  8. I don't understand how Jimmy Page could've wrote such good songs. It's like they were sent straight from heaven. I know I'm gonna get hated for this, but I really don't like the Plant's vocals. I mean they work for Zeppelin, but they hold the band back from being the best ever IMO. Whiney and lame lyrics IMO. But the rest of the band was pure magic.

  9. If you're reffering to me, I definately didn't diss WTLB. I was reffering to the person above me who said they stole some blues songs. I dont consider that song theft. They innovated and improved the song for the better.
  10. I was referring to you but I was agreeing with you as well :D
  11. id choose the stones over zeppelin anyday. i think they're just the better band and incorporated a lot more musical genres into their music successfully. that isn't to say zeppelin isn't awesome though.
  12. I found out about some crazy stuff having to do with zeppelin from my friend a while back:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkwvGEyCJDI]YouTube - Led Zeppelin-Stairway To Heaven Secret Message[/ame]
    don't really know if i believe it or not... just creeps me the :eek: out

  13. The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd are both better in my opinion.
  14. Zeppelin just wasn't that great as a band, IMO.

    Jimmy Page made Zeppelin for what Zeppelin was.

    Easily the most significant aspect about Zep, was Page.
  15. the bands of today may write songs and the blinded teens of today will listen to them and scream their lungs out at them as they climb the charts but the truth is, none of these songs are going to be remembered nearly as long as the songs of zeppelin have, in fact they wont even come close and the reason is lack of passion.. page totally immersed himself in the world of music and connected with music in a way very few people have before..they were so diverse, and this is something the bands of today lack as well which is why every fucking song they make today sounds the same because there all just a stupid back tracking on repeat!..i see alot of competiton between Floyd and Led Zep and i can definately see why but i just can't stand Roger Watters.. he's such an asshole and he's the reason Pink Floyd broke up rather than zeppelin whereas they were so close that when John Bonham died they all agreed that they could not go on making music.. thats how close they were, and thats why the chemisty within that band was so amazing. just a few of my thoughts.
  16. Red Hot Chili Peppers> Led Zeppelin Imo

  17. I'm so happy this was posted.

    +rep sir.

  18. Thanks, you gave me my second bar:hello::hello:
  19. This breaks my heart a little bit

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