LED-Wholesalers Carbon Scrubbers?

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  1. I'm looking to upgrade from my DIY carbon scrubber to a more 'legit' one. I definitely do not have the money to buy a $100-$200 scrubber since I'm only growing 1-2 plants strictly for personal use (not to mention I'm already about $400 over my budget for this grow).

    Came across the LED-Wholesalers filters on Amazon. For $65 shipped I can get one of their smaller 310cfm filters. For a few dollars extra I can get a larger one, I just figured since my closet is only 75ft^3 I could get by with one of these smaller filters.

    Is this brand any good or am I better off with my DIY pencil cup, panty hose, and aquarium carbon filter?

    Is there a better brand that could be had in the sub $80 range? (that I could hopefully get on amazon. I have a large gift card waiting to be spent)

    Thanks for any and all advise

  2. Youll be fine with that check out htgsupply.com. I use there housebrand one never had a issue.
  3. Cool, thanks man. I'd definitly order from htg if I didn't have this Amazon gift card. Glad to hear the "LED-Wholdsaler" scrubbers don't have a bad rep.
  4. I dunno if they do have a bad rap but I do know that carbon filters are simple devices. Nothing to them really so would be hard to make a shitty one.
  5. The one I have is fine from them. It runs 12 hours a day and its been fine going on 2 months or so.
  6. I guess that is true, its carbon, mesh, and screens. I just hear so much hype about not buying cheaper carbon filters. Maybe this pertains more to larger scale grows.

    2Bugs, thanks for the input, have you used any other filters that you could compare it to? I'm pretty sure I'm going to order one of these given my budget, just a little nervous since, like I said, people tend to lean so heavily toward the more expensive filters (maybe with good reason, maybe just following in the footsteps of the guy infront of them).
  7. Naw sorry, its the only filter Ive used. I regret getting it since I only run it 12 hours with the lights on so during lights off the whole apartment stinks anyway.
    Thats how I know it works though; when its running you can't smell a thing.
    Good luck with whatever you choose man!
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    I like everything else I have bought from htg, but the carbon filter I got from them has been inadeqaute from the beginning. Before the next grow I will be buying a better one. I wouldnt recomend cheaping out, a filter is a waste of money if it doesnt do the job.

    Its not a good feeling to be 7 weeks into flower and realize your house wreaks of dank.

    My tent came from led wholesalers and the support bars broke after 5 months causing my filter to crash on a bunch of sprouts. The customer service was horrible, I wouldnt buy a 5 gallon bucket from them. Instead, I am just going to get a htg tent.

    I am all for saving money, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. In my case, just under $200 of equipment I am having to replace that is practicly new.
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    Phat filters are supposed to be pretty good, this place seems to have good prices for them: Phat Filter Carbon Filters

    EDIT: More is not always better. You need to match the scrubber with your fan. For instance, you talk about a 310 cfm filter, but what does your fan pull?
  10. Gotta get out there man if u want the deals.
    Sure amazon and websales have sales and promos. But the real deals are made with cash and in person.
    For example just this week at my LHS would have got you a used Canfilter brand
    4" flange about 28" long. 40 bucks.
    Was contemplating it for my veg room. But didnt bother bought neuts instead.

    The can i got for my room 8" flange about 3.5' tall and 15" round. Full of
    New carbon. $80. Goddamn steal IMO. Nothing to fail on them
    Just add new carbon and good as new. Heck even the woolly mat that wtaps aroun them can be sourced at fabric shop for like 2 bucks a yard.
  11. Unfortunately I live in a not so grow friendly area. The closest hydro store that I have found thus far that has carbon filters listed on their website is 90 miles from where I live, otherwise I would be all over that.

    Fan will be 400cfm once it arrives on either Friday or Monday. Since my area is so small I will be dialing it down at least 50%, maybe more. So I was thinking 310 would suffice, for about 12 bucks more they have a 400-something cfm filter that I could grab as well.

    Just nervous to make to payment since there seems to be a mixed response to this company.
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    Dont cheap out get a can or phresh...I know lots of people with the can 33 and you cant smell anything but it's pretty big in size
  13. ordered some ONA until I can save up for a Can 33. Is the flange reversable on the Can filters? As in I can flip it around after a year and get some extra life out of it?

    Thanks for the input everybody.
  14. I'm about $6k over budget on my grow, so I feel your pain. You get what you pay for, with carbon filters. Personally, I feel that Phresh filters are the best. I'd recommend one of those, and an appropriate fan. The C.A.P. Valuline fan is powerful and reliable, and reasonably quiet. I bought two, rather than the leading brands, because I like them better.
  15. Can I wash the prefilter on the 470 cfm carbon scrubber because it is getting dirty from collecting dust any answers would greatly appreciated I would just go ahead and wash it but I would like to be.sure before I do it thanks very much.

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