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  1. Hey guys a quick question got 3 plants in a grow tent 1 metre by 1 2 meters high how many watts of decent led you guys recommend thanks in advance
  2. Not sure if this helps, since this will be my first grow, but I am currently waiting on this to be delivered:
    Amazon.com: LinQool 240Watt LED Grow Lights, 3x3ft Coverage, Full Spectrum ...

    Only I hundred bucks
  3. 35-40 watt per square foot.
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  4. Nice I all ready got a 100 watt qb in there from my neck of the woods
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  5. Here's what I'm dealing with atm 20221123_173225.jpg
  6. Both would be great together. I'm planning on adding supplemental lighting for flower as well
  7. Sweet more light the better in flower
  8. Looking good! What nutes/soil are you using?
  9. I'm from nz so I use something called terrazilla some peat based shit no nutes used yet I find it carries it into flower without needing it everytime I add nutes it gets nitrogen toxicity so I don't bother now got some two part Goliath nutes for flower does the job
  10. Awesome, whatever it is, sure like it is working! Happy growing
  11. Thanks man it's trial and error but what works work

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