LED vs "The Sun"

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  1. I have been growing an auto under a 4 foot 6 bulb T5HO with 6500K bulbs. My auto is now starting to flower. I ordered a Phlizon "2000" watt COB LED. My question is would I yield more with the LED or full 8-9 hours of sunlight? This is my first grow and I have an OG auto that has grown to about 7 inches high and is now starting to flower. I had planned on flowering outdoors but I made an impulse buy of the LED. I am unsure if it will be here in time as this plant has started flowering now. From what I've read the T5HO with the 6500K are not good for flowering. My options are to bring it outside when it is sunny or leave it under the T5HO and wait for my LED. Any suggestions would be great. I feel my plant is a little on the small side but i don't think I was feeding it enough nutrients as the autos go through the veg stage quicker than I had anticipated. Plant looks healthy but just a bit short. Maybe it is root bound as I have it in a 2 gallon pot. I was planning on transplanting up but this little plant went into flowering sooner than i thought so I just left well enough alone. Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.
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  2. Id use sunlight as much as you could. Much more light. Bring it inside and throw under your LED during storms or what not. That's not a bad idea.
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