LED vs HPS during flower

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  1. So I have been thinking about switching from my 1000 watt HPS to a couple of high output LED's.  I know that LED's cost less to run and don't produce any heat, but do they produce as much yeild?  Also are the trich's effected at all during flower since it isn't really the same light spectrum?  Any feedback would be much appreciated.

  2. yield is less but if you do it right, I hear people are starting to get much better results in terms of quality.
  3. Hey whats up man I use a around 700w actual draw LED and I love it I have very little heat issues my tent only gets above 80 for a few  hours around 4pm I run my lights 6a-6p once the light shuts off temps drop to ambient house temps 68* around 64 just before the light comes back on. You have to get the best lights you can find to get the best results, if you go cheap you'll get cotton ball buds. Heres a decent thread discussing LEDs http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/1229301-complete-led-setup.html/page-91. Good luck man and I hope you find what works best for you.
  4. Stick with your HID led is not worth the investment, at least not yet I think in a few more years they will have it down. For right now though for what's out and on the market the best I've seen are the California light works and for the 800 watt it's 2k bucks. It's simple math to me yields less and cost more. 2 solistek 1000 watts are like 800 you could have a. 4k sett up for the price of one led Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. im sorry man, but fuck california light works. like really... t8s?
    and.... the flouros are going to NEED to be closer than the diodes... so it doesnt even makes sense for them to be at the same height.

    props to the designers for a cool idea, but totally inacurate.

    LEDS lead to a totally different style of growing.
    you cant just stick a panel up plug it in and expext the same results as an hps.

    and as for heat, LEDS put out tons of heat, the difference is they disperse the heat through metal slabs built into the housing that allow for a greater surface area giving you the ability to cool it off much easier, also the heat isnt pushed out through the light light waves like hps.

    so it will keep your grow space cooler, but only if you have air movement, which you should of course have if you are growing... duuhhh :)

    if you dont mind me asking, what are your intentions or wants from led?
    why not just add led to your pre-existing system?

    and yes, LEDS dialed into the correct spectrum will undoubtedly give you better quality. its really common sense... think of your plant as a child
    if you feed your child a regimented group of rounded meals every day, day in, day out, they are going to be healthier.
    LEDS allow you to dial in your spectrum so that you can include everything a plant needs, at the right levels, and leave out everything that damages them
    speaking of damage, HPS is constantly battering your plants... by 6-8 hours into your light cycle the plants are beginning to get tired, plants just arent supposed to produce the way they do under hps, it's un-natural. yes hps matches the suns lightwaves (roughly depending on your location on the planet and time of year) but the sun doesnt sit 8-16 inches from your canopy outside is it? no... its hellafar away, and do plants get a daily dose of 12 hours of 150k lumens every day, no, not even in the summer.

    this is why we use hps, it pushes the plant beyond its natural capabilities.

    LEDS on the other hand, are more tailored towards connoisseur cannabis imo.
    growth is slightly slower
    yield is slightly smaller
    but the potency is unparalleled.
    thats my rant.
  6. well thank you all for your opinions,  may just wait a little longer until the LED's get dialed in for better yeilds and are a little less expensive.  As far as potency goes i wouldn't think that LED's would effect that very much seeing as a strain of plant is only going to get as good as it can get. With proper nutes and the right soil I have grown super potent cannabis (just has to be a good strain).  Just curious as how an LED setup can get you more potent weed?
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    the lack of contradicting light waves.
    not all of the energy coming out of hps is necisarilly "good" for cannabis.
    it causes stress.
    stressing a plant out will lower its ability to achieve its full ginetic potential.
    LEDs are more controlable than hps. its that simple.
    if somebody wanted to bad enough they could replicate the light coming out of hps and use that configuration to make an led panel that put out the same wavelengths.

    again, i'm not trying to proooove anything at all. this is mainly my opinion.
    if you could map out a graph of exactly the light perameters your plant needs to be as happy and productive as can be, you can emulate those needs through LED

    I hear a lot of people say "but hps is as close to the suns light as you can get"
    and i always want to reply "what makes you think the suns spectrum is perfect for cannabis?"
    just because cannabis grows outside, doesn't mean it cant do better in a lab. i don't know about anybody else... but im an indoor grower because i like to control my environment, and leds bring me one step closer to that goal.
  8. LEDS do not produce more heat.
    If you want to know what LED's can do, click the link in my sig.
  9. I have to chime in ( i'm following your DWC journal)
    It's genuinely hopeless to have a discussion about HPSvsLEDvsVHOvsMHvCFL
    everyone has their own opinion; and very few have experience enough with multiple systems to say one way or the other in most cases they are just parroting why they know
    LED are very VERY cost effective
    they last 5-7 years with out changing a dam thing you. anything else takes a crap or needs replacing much more often.
    these American overtly expensive brands of LED are, when it comes down to it; Producing the same light that the rest are (Chinese)
    -- Emma&Dave- are right you could if you foolishly wanted to recreate a HPS spectrum of "soylent green" for your plants  but why
    LED is the future  and its here now!
  10. LED has the potential to be a good DIY project and you will know exactly what you have and be able to fix it when it fails.
    I would do it but I have enough on my plate now, just what I need is another project.
  11. Emma & Dave just hooked me up with a shopping list for an LED grow and its only a few hundred more then the hps I was lookin at. Imma take a leap for LED way I see it if it sucks buy and hps and use led to veg lolSent from my XT1030 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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