Led tv as grow light.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by The Third Eye, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I got a spare 70 inch led HDTV and was wondering if I could use it as a led grow light or something?
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  2. I would sell the tv and buy a real grow light man. Why would you even try?
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    Could grow a plant. How many watts is it?
  4. Sell it, buy a grow op.
  5. sure but You will need to get it respectrumnized. You will need to do it twice per grow.. once for veg and once for flower....................:smoke:
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    Awesome. How would my tv work as compared to actual led grow lights
  7. you have a spare 70 inch tv?
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  8. Sure...you can use a spoon as a knife too, but it doesn't work real well.
  9. I'm nit trolling. I figured it was pretty much the same ad a led grow light?idk
  10. you will never know until you try i say go for it ya know it could be the next big way to grow man.
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  11. That will never work. LED grow lights or lighting are immensely different then the LEDs in TVs. The LEDs in TV are behind the the screen and simply act as light to illuminate the image. They dynamically change in intensity from weak to bright based on the image that is produced. There not geared for spectrum production, not anywhere near as bright as a LED grow light.

    My 90w UFO LED grow light I can barely look directly at it without sunglasses on. Never seen a TV that bright yet.

  12. It's not though. :confused:
  13. An appropriate light source for growing sun-loving MJ is too bright to look at.

    A television, by design, is not too bright to look at.

    Therefore, TV as a grow light = not gonna work.
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    maybe, if you painted a pic in paintshop using the correct colors (red & blue) in strips or something @ the right ratio, & then used that pic as the input for the tv, & then adjust the brightness all the way up, & then messing with the other tv picture controls, like contrast, sharpness, etc.
    and you prob have to remove the front cover

    but again, this is a long shot.

    edit, it also will depend on what type of led tv it is, full, edge, or nano.

    if you understand spanish, watch here
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  15. Try it. Post results.
  16. umm..yeah ..

    my answer earlier....

    not serious
  17. You totally can!

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  18. when searching for led strips i found that a lot are made for TVs. Many strips are actually really high quality and very efficient. You may be better off upgrading though as your TV may be new seeming, the components may be obsolete in 2017 standards
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