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  1. I am going to try and do a test on a NEW LED for growing and flowering. Except on this test it will begin with plants from a buddy whose t-5's did not penetrate enough for these 3 plants. Starting from left to right A, B, C... A and B plants look really bad, C looks good. The plants have been Veggie for about 2 months at my buddies he had about 9 plants under the veggie light the 3 he gave to me are the one that did not recieve much of the light. The others are about 40" tall so my plants where covered by them.

    I will be using a drip system with Canna Nutes and a light from G2LED. It is a white LED you will see it in a picture. Right now I have them under the light 24/7 trying to revive them. Hope I can post the pictures.


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  2. Here is what the light looks like.

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  3. Oh and the reason I went with this light is because I went and seen one guys set up that had the same lights except of older ver. He started from clones and even flowered with it. The thing was he had to many different things going on and was listening to TOO many people.

    Our other set-up we have 30 veggies and 30 flowers and our electric kills us. We are a legit caregiver and we try to keep the price for the people who cannot afford the reg price of 100 bucks per .25. We go for 60 buck per .25. So we are trying to finds ways of cutting back on things like energy, bulbs, ballast, water, heat, cooling. This is the main reason for this test. I am NOT SELLING THESE LIGHTS so get off me BACKSIDE.

  4. Welp, 2 days later and everything looks good. Plants are taking in all the lights. Tuesday I gave the plants half strength of the CANNA nutes. Sunday I will give them what the bottle says.

    Aqua Vega A: 8ml/gal
    Aqua Vega B: 12ml/gal
    Rhizotonic: 4ml/gal
    Cannazym: 10ml/gal

    The plants has some new growth on them. Let's see if I get the pics on here again

  5. Here are the pics!!

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    G2LED was tested and the PAR rating for 400 to 700 nm range on one single 7 watt element was measured at 1200 at 3" 400 at 6" and the plant can touch the light due to the lack of heat. Your HLS120 has 16 of these babies lined up in a 4 foot fixture? I can't wait to see what CSU tells Tim from their testing. Forgot to mention that the very best HPS at 18 inches has a PAR rating of 384.
  7. Bob,
    Yes my hls120 is sitting almost on my plants, my light has been on 24/7 and there is no heat from it. IT IS GREAT the only issue now is how to get some heat in the room. LOL!! Right now it is 73 degrees in the room. I am very pleased with everything so far. End of next week I will see if they are ready to goto 12/12 on the light. These are White Russians so I should get some good if not GREAT BUDS off of them. I am planning on keeping the light as close as I can which is right on them. LOL Just keep watching BOBBIE

  8. Make a note of your power bill this month to see if you have any big change starting this up. What else are you running other than the light?
  9. Just the little water-pump and a little fan and one light. I'll get the specs on those and post later.

  10. Bob,
    Tim is the guy I got this light from, he lives not to far away from me. Good guy, he does know his light.

  11. hey, nice to see some new led's being tested!

    but the light dosent seam so bright? maybe its just the pictures? can you take some more pictures, maybe some more of the light from different angles.

    can you show the leds to, are they many in a cluster or one big one in each bank?
  12. The lights have been channeled to direct 100% of the light made to the task, Growing. Do you wnat a picture of the direct light? How do I post a pic? I took a picture of one of their lights in the sun to compare the light to the sun in a picture is made a cool pic. They elements blend into the sun in the back ground.
  13. Bob to post a picture look up at the white smiley face and there is an paper clip click on it it will bring up a dialog. I am not a photo person so I'll try my best to get better ones. More tonight, I am trying to do every 3 days or 4.
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    Cool Picture from one of their street lights. Well I think it is cool anyway. My though was this. After talking to Tim about the whole making natural light it would be cool to see the high noon sun in the background and see how they mix on the camera. I had to get the company that has these in their parking lot to turn them on for me to get the photo. The elements are bright man. :)

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  15. Hi, I'm also using a l.e.d. for growing and have some questions. Where can I find a light like that? I have a l.e.d. panel and it seems to be doing fine, this is my first grow so I'm not sure what to expect. But I am wondering if it puts out enough to go through the both stages. Also it is only 12"x12" and I want to grow more than just a couple at a time. Thanks in advance. Later.....
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    You should call this guy Tim. He is the head of these new lights and making the grow versions of their lights. The make them in the USA and they work. The phone number from High Times ad is 970-506-0525 ask for Tim he will get you taken care of. I also found his e-mail tim@g2led.com The add also has www.g2led.com/ht. If you are doing the 12x12 and looking for another light to follow up the flower get the the Chicken Feeder. Having the 12 elements focused in the round makes a very good flower maker.
  17. Thanks Bob, I really appreciate it. The only problem I have now is getting that much $, won't be for a while unfortunetly. I've been doing some research on this and I even tried looking in to buying the l.e.d.s myself and building one but haven't been to successful yet. I am a laser technician and have the expertise to do it but I have to find resources for parts. Thanks again. I wish I was in a legal state, must be great.
  18. I know that if you sign up for the testing program he is running you can get 10% off them. That could help. How much energy does your 12x 12 use out of interest.
  19. Cool, my led panel runs off of reg. 110 voltage and I'm really not sure what it puts out but I got it from l.e.d. wholesalers on ebay for about $30. I just posted pics on a new thread on Growing Indoors Forum "L.E.D. first grow"
  20. Petho1 from the guy that had Tim's lights he started and finish. Thing was it was his first so his set-up was not (is not) the best. But he did get I think like over 2 oz out of this one Charlie Brown Xmas Tree looking plant (LOL) Here are some pictures I took today. One of my drip hoses was plugged so I am going to put a bigger hose from the start and then connect the drip hoses to it. Also I am running full stregth on nutes. So hopefully we will see something. I am still veggie I am trying to get these babies back to life.

    Call Tim he can get you the lights. Send me an email and I'll get you his number. Also I think Bob has his number too.


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