LED Tent Grow: Royal Medic 300W

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  1. Hi,

    I make a comeback here at GC from over a year. Done several grows now and I'd like to share another one with y'all.

    90x90*120 Grow Tent Mammoth Lite 90
    1x 110 Watt CFL Armature
    1x55w 9500k turbo neon cfl
    1x55w 2700k turbo neon cfl
    1x 300watt Apollo Horticulture LED
    2 input fans
    1 powerful output fan

    Allmix Soil with Perlite
    Canna Terra Vega
    Canna Terra Flores
    BCuzz Blossom Builder

    Started with germination in a glass of tegular tap water on March 2nd. Germinated in 3 days. Then moved the seed into another small glass with some soil. Lights on it 18/6.

    After 2 weeks of vegging and after having 3 internodes repotted to bigger pot. Now using Terra Vega 5ml on 1 litre of water.

    Have done topping and some training of main stems. Have now 8 main canopies and 4 smaller ones in the middle.

    At 11 of April changed to 12/12 and started flower stage. Using Terra Flores for nutrition. 5ml on 1 litre of water.

    Grows steady and healthy. No nute burns , tent temperature 25C.

    From here I'll do updates.

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