LED + T5 combo?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by mikejhh, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey GC,

    I've been looking into led lighting for my grow tent. I wondering if there would be any advantage of running T5 side lighting with a 600w led overhead?

    Mainly just looking for some extra light output on the sides.

    Would this ruin the light spectrum / make the led less effective?

    Thanks :)
  2. I have a T5 but I have not felt the need to use it with my LEDs.
  3. Fair enough. Would there be any negative repercussions using the two together for flowering?

    Would it effect the led's light penetration?
  4. im about to use t5 as supplimental side lighting for my led set up i will be startin shortly
    so i hope not
  5. I sent a email sometime ago to the maker of my LED. I have a 800w Solarstorm. The owner of the company sent back that T5s give off about the same spectrum for what type of bulb it is as a LED does grow bulbs or flowering. He said being that the T5s were so much less powerfull my 5 watt diodes would outshine them and really not add anything to the grow.

    I think that question depends on how well your LED penetrates the canopy of your plants.
  6. im not disagreeing but how could t5's as supplimental side n underneath lighting not help and take awy from LED.. wouldnt they all work togther

  7. Just add it if you have it. The light I have has 5 watt diodes so like I said the owner said that the T5s would not do anything. Not sure how light works in that regards but I was a electronics tech in the Marine Corp. When we dealt with radios who ever has a larger transmitter wins and over powers the weaker signal. If the larger one is transmitting on the same frequencies no one would hear you on your lesser wattage radio on the same freq..they would override you. Had a issue on base when the vehicle from convoys would come back they would forget to turn off there IED jammers. Well that had one hell of a transmitter and would wash out our radios that we communicated with aircraft. How George explained it was it would be no benefit in my case as my LED has intense light penetration so I could use them but it would most likely do me no good. Now if you have light penetration problems, side lighting issues then sure it would help and fill in the gap.

    It certainly cant hurt to add..just a question if it will help lol.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I will most likely add some t5's used for vegging but with flowering bulbs for side lighting.

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