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  1. Any good suggestions on some good LED strip lights? I seen some on amazon for pretty cheap, like a four pack at 5 watts each. Was kind of hoping for something a little more bang to em. Gonna line the corners of my tent with some. They wouldn't burn the plants if they were up fairly close to them would they? Getting a 2x4x6 tent and will be growing two plants at a time.
  2. a 5watt strip really wont do much tbh i have 3 of them 5meter led strips they wont burn but nor woukd they grow well sorry.. could try some led bulbs i bought a few at few quid each when they were delovered found they used the same leds as my grow.lights 3 5w white so swapped for 3 5w blue and ran at 12w
    heres a pic [​IMG]

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  3. No definately not. I got a mars 300 coming now and then was gonna add the strips in for the lower bud sights and to just cover more area in general.
  4. You guys think a mars 300 is sufficient for two plants? I kno there's plenty of better lights but for now I got the mars on its way so I'm sticking with it for a bit. Was hoping the mars plus some minor lights like the strips would be a decent setup..
  5. Is there any higher watt strips out there or would I have to custom make my own higher wattage ones like how you did?
  6. That's the answer I was hoping for lol. Is that one plant or two? That's all you run is the mars also? Sorry I ask a lot of questions haha
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  7. think i had 3 in there lol and i ive ran
    mars2 400w (170w)
    mars aqua (150w)
    mars2 1600w (775w)
    mars 300(150w)
    mars pro 320(775w)
    mars sunseries (300w)
    advanced led xml350w(350w)
    adavance led EXveg200w(200w)
    twilight spider 4 (180w)
    grownorthern ms0004 (120w)
    unit farm ufo80 (170w)
    2 crappy ufos (110w)

    the mars 300 is 150w from wall and ok for 1-3plants 1gpw is doable :)

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  8. Damn dude youve damn near tried them all it looks like lol. But shit alright I'll stick with the mars for now but I'll still try and find some side lighting for sure. That's a fat ass cola in that pic, I'm in love haha
  9. I use 10x 2ft blurble 5050 strips about 70watts for supplement lighting to my diy 36x 10watt cob chips light fixture
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  10. I have a t8 fixture in one corner...it's not led but it's more light with very little to no heat.plant is 2-3inches away just fine.

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  11. hmm actully you can modify a t5 to take the led fake flouro lights you can get somw high watt one too just a thought.

    and by modify i mean take the flouro ballast out so the led is stright fo mains :)

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  12. I looked into that a cpl months ago. No need for ballast because the led bulbs are driver free. You can actually pick up t5 non shunted tombstones instead of buying a whole fixture.
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  13. well the leds have a small switch mode power supply in the tube so there pre loaded with a driver essentially.

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  14. Might be what I end up doing tbh.
  15. I have mine just leaning up against the wall on the floor lol...still working on my room ..

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