LED specifications for growing 1lb

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  1. what do you guys think the best wattage of LED is for yielding 1lb in a 80x80x160cm tent in a DWC system . Also how long would you suggest to veg. It will be SCROG ofc
  2. I yield a pound with a 650w (actual) led. 5 week veg - scrog - 2 plants.
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  3. So do you think two mars hydro 600w will do the trick?
  4. I'm not a fan of the blurple led's and I have no experience with those lights - maybe someone with experience using those lights can chime in. Those lights pull 265 actual watts. Good luck.
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  5. its possible to pull 1 gram per watt of light - but good luck with that.. I have a mars pro II 320 - true watts 710w with 2 plants, people saying I might get up to 8-9 ounces off both plants in DWC and this is my first grow.. I'm trying micks method after this is done
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  6. This is a serious goal in that space. I'd go with two two high quality 600 watt leds. I did a 6x6 with 600 w led and a 600 hps. I did just under a gram per watt and it went amazing. To get higher yeild you have to add co2 and have perfect temp control
  7. I will be running co2 tanks. My goal is 1lb but I will be over the moon with half a lb

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