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  1. Hey GC.

    I am looking to find a subsitute for my CFL's on the side lighting department.

    Currently I am using:

    4 90W LED UFO's for 4 Auto's.

    I am needing some side lighting and I have been using around 10 6500k 42W CFL's all around the plants.

    It's about time that I find a substitute for these CFL's and hopefully you guy's can help a tad bit.

    Are there any good LED lights that can provide a good spectrum for side lighting? I am looking forward to doing a all LED grow for my next 4 auto's I put into harvest.

    Money isn't a issue.

    Was looking at the Kessil 150's, but was curios to see if anyone had any more ideas on good side lighting.

    Thanks guys!:wave:
  2. If money is not a issue replace the top LED with a large LED panel and make the UFOs your side lighting.

  3. Do you think 2 UFO LED's will do for side lighting if that is the case?


  4. All depends on what you get. You dont have to have side lighting. My LED Panel is a 5 watt Diode model and no side lighting required. Whole plant is saturated in it.
  5. Was looking at a 600W Blackstar Panel and just throwing that in the closet with my 2 90W UFO's.

    I wonder if that would be able to allow me to get rid of the CFL's.

    I really want to get rid of CFL's entirely.

    These are for 4 Auto's by the way.

  6. With that set up you wont have to worry about CFLs again.

  7. How much are you looking to spend?

  8. 1,000 - 1,500 or so.
  9. Go to California Lightworks website and apply for there growers program. Hands down best LED on the market. Its 2k for the unit but if you keep a journal on a LED forum site you pay 1k and keep it. End of the 90 days not happy get your money back. Thing destroys everyone else's LEDs. Like 90% American parts rest from the EU and 100% American assembled in California. Has built in T8 UVB bulbs to boot. Unlike most LED panels theres come close to the actual wattage rating. On my Killawatt I get about 690 watts. Others are usually half of what they say its rated for.

    California Lightworks

    California Lightworks Grower Feedback Program

    SolarStorm/SolarFlare Review: A Perfect Blend of Power and Coverage?

    Heres a pic of the beast.



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  10. Do they always accept people for the growers program or is there a chance of being declined?

    I am very interested, I already have 3 90W UFO's and 1 240W Blackstar, could I throw those into the mix or should I just put them in another closet and use it for a side grow?

    Much appreciation.


  11. From what I hear almost everyone is accepted. You wont require those other lights use them for another grow area or tent. My first dabble into LED was a 240w Blackstar I use that in my small 2x2x4 tent and the Solarstorm is in my 4x4x7 tent.

    5 watt diodes have massive light penetration...you wont need anything else. You can do up to a 5x5 area with this light. Has 2 modes Grow and Bloom mode which is pretty sweet. You will need to up your cooling if your putting it in a tent. It can get pretty hot. Also weighs alot 35 lbs I think.

  12. Nice equipment. I think I might try to get this. I was debating between a 1000w, but I really wanted an LED. This is pricey but if possible to get for $1000 that'd be awesome. Thanks for the info.

  13. HID lights still beat it on price and regarding the costs ehhh that remains to be seen. 700 watts still is 700 watts on the electric bill.

    The biggest selling point for myself other then it works is 18 years of 90% plus original light emitting ability. HID if your using it alot should be changed every year just about...the bulb that is. What alot don't realize about HID light systems is they dramatically emit lower light as time goes on...and not all that long either. A couple grows and you have a drop in its ability to produce the same amount of light...which stands to reason since its a traditional light bulb scheme.

    Another selling point is LEDs produce a much more balanced spectrum vs choosing Red or Blue Spectrum. Plant adapts fine since HID lights kick ass on grows but its not the only spectrum a plant uses...a good example is the nice ball of hydrogen we have in the sky. Different seasons produce more of a certain spectrum but its still a full spectrum light source.

    If you go LED route though you have to pay to get the same. All a matter of choice and its your money.

  14. Going to apply for the growing program tomorrow, and hopefully be able to order one within the next 7 days. How many plants do you think I will be able to put under it?

    Currently I have 4, but if I can get up to 6, I would love to do that.

    Money isn't to much of a problem, I have a Carbon Filter Fan coming in tomorrow, as well as a H2O Oxidizer which will help renew the lack of oxygen in the room for the plants to breath off of.

    Not using a tent, but instead in a closet, a decent size. Got 2 - 3 Fans going on in there, and a ventilation system taking out some of the stale air out the side.

    My uncle/me don't really want to go with the HPS setup due to the Heat issue, we understand that there will be heat with LED's but it requires alot less ventilation, and we are very fond on the new technology that the growing world has to offer.

    Always willing to try the new stuff, I guess that's what happens when you have more money then sense.

    Thanks alot, if you have any other cool things that you might want to suggest, please do. I am fairly new to growing and this will be my first 4 plants harvested as of September, so I would like to get the Best equipment/gadgets that money can buy.


  15. I would say its perfect for a 4x4 area perhaps a 5x5 area. 4 plants easy probably 6.

    imo its equal to a HPS light 600-1000 watts. Probably in the middle there.

  16. What did you think of the Blackstar 240W by the way?

    I just got that in the other day, and would like to still put it to good use with my UFO 90W's.

    I have read great reviews on them.

  17. Thought it was a good LED Panel for a small area.
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    Thanks for the notes. 700w is still pulling 700w, as you said, so it should cost the same as far as electricity goes then between HID watts and true LED watts, yeah? Sounds like the major perk is less heat and the length it retains its lighting power. I have a 4x4 with 2 6" inlines for ventilation. All I have left is literally the light to obtain before starting.
  19. Do this...

    2000 watts of LED... Could hang all 4 of them up diagonally facing your plant from 4 different angles..

    Only 900 watts But it's like 300 bucks cheaper and you could hit your plants from 10 different angles.

    1800 watts..

    If you went with any of those... Put like 4-6 plants under all of them. Veg for a month and a half... You'd have pounds of bud.

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