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  1. is it better to have 2 300w led for seedlings or is one enough and how far should they be kept from seedlings?
  2. Buy a cheap T5 for seedlings....
  3. Just for the seedling stage? They are autos
  4. One is enough. LED's are more intense than some give them credit for. I'd put one at least 24"-26" to start with. Monitor the seedlings throughout the day and check for heat stress and raise or lower the lights as needed. You probably won't need the 2nd LED until they look like they're about to flower.
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  5. Yes, just for seedlings. Auto or light triggered flowering is irrelevant. You can always put the LED far away and hope for the best.
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  6. I'd go 30-36 inches above seedlings with a small fan and watch for stretching and heat issues and how many lights you use depends on how many seedlings you have
    Should be fine .

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  7. If it stretches than I should just lower the light...correct?
  8. Yup

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  9. Does your led have two switches ,
    One veg one bloom ?
    If so only use your veg during seedling acclamation

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  10. Buy a cheap meter. I;m finding only 20 lux produces a slow but steady seedling with no stretching. Closer is faster but not stress free. With my qb 135, 20 lux is 30 inches from light to top of medium. The Dr Lux meter is $30 at amazon. The reason I bought it is determing proper light by inches alone was not accurate enough for me. They should rent meters, because you really only use it one important time to figure out what is going on lightwise above your canaopy.
  11. It does not but I have two other 300w led that have more of a red spectrum for flowering
  12. How much was a cheap meter?
  13. $30 on amazon Dr lux meter. I had a hard time figuring out what was going on when I first got my qb boards. I suppose if your plants are growing fine you don't need one. My plants were fine until I switched to qb, then I needed one. Now I know what is going on, I should just give you mine.
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  14. Lux light meter
    Doggo apps
    Find it in the app store
    For your phone .
    Will work until you want to buy one

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  15. Just go buy a cfl/led, white spectrum 5000k, thats all i use for my seedlings, its cheap and doesnt use much electricity, put it about 6 inches above your medium so they get heat in your medium and when they pop raise it about 16 inches, thats the perfect highth for the leds so your plant doesnt stretch and your not harming it, thats all i use everytime

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  16. How many lux did you measure right next to seedlings?
  17. When i do my seedling i use a cfl
    It ranges around 8300 lux

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