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  1. Hey guys. I was wondering what types of LED lights you would recommend. I guess I'm open to any and all opinions. Wattage, spectrum, number of LEDs, etc. I'm thinking about using one to supplement CFLs during both vegging and flowering. I plan on using it in a rubbermaid or pc case grow.
  2. My 90 watt UFO works pretty well I'd go for the tri band one though.. Avoid the 225 led panels like the plague they're useless....
  3. So right now I am eyeing a Lighthouse Blackstar UFO. 100 watt, 6 band 730/660/630/12k/425/380
    Red LED and Deep Spectrum Blue
    Looks like it has 44 Red and 6 blue lights.

  4. The kessil h150 purple is highly rated. My friend in Cali that grows has one and swears by them. He actually yelled at me when I saiid I wanted to try sunshine solutions led instead. Try the kessil h150. Good fir veg and flower
  5. I am using 90 W UFO's from prosource and have had stellar results. Check my journal for more info/ pics.
  6. I'm diggin the HS 150 but am slightly concerned about the operating wattage and the single diode. The Prosource looks nice as well. Hmmm decisions...
  7. oh yeah, thanks for the input so far guys!!!
  8. The single diode is ok. It was multiple chips running it so you get multiple spectrum out of a single light. More concentrated than multiple single color diodes. My friend gets great results
  9. Spectrum-- red and blue. Blue light(430nm-460nm) promotes stem and foliage growth, Red light(630-660nm) increase budding and flowering also encourages vertical growth.
    Some study shows 640-660nm red would be better for some specific plants like cannabis than 620-630nm.
  10. hehe... Please don't forget to to share your success with this light then.. Good luck.

  11. I have been using HydroGrow Led lights for 8 months now. Second grow with all led light and I am convinced. I have the Penetrator Pro 3 watt versions but now they offer the generation-X model which claims to be brighter, quieter and more efficient because of new lens tech. I pre-ordered one of those and can hardly wait to put it online. Their lights aren't cheap but having grown with HID I can say these particular led lights actually produce better than HID. I don't worry about heat or fire anymore. My electric bill makes me happy. My friends are all smiley. Life is good:)
  12. diane21, are you stoned? MechMike, my new 126x penetrators should be here by Tuesday; also can't wait to get em up and running. Glad to hear your review. I've been using 430W hortilux HPS for years now and can't wait for a happy electric bill.
  13. I also ordered some of the new X-lens lights from hydrogrowled and just had to ask if anyone did a comparison on the 357 magnum leds I see which have more documented results than hydrogrowled. If anyone has any knowledge on these two companies in particular this would be greatly appreciated. My Main goal using this technology is to get a carbon footprint that surpasses or meets the hps/mh combo while using the smallest amount of overall electrical output. I already bought and used 4 205w hydrogrowled 1w models and seen great result besides the intensity of the power but I DID NOT use any method as far as sog/scrog. Currently, my dad just passed away and I'm not in construction of a new building and would love any results that are beneficial and ACCURATE. Knowledge isnt power unless used correctly!:)
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    i got one of these
    90W UFO led grow lights - 90W UFO led grow lights Manufacturer & Wholesaler,China
    it was fairly priced, and you can choose the led ratio, wattage (1w or 2w leds), nm range, and lens angles.

    had a couple decent small plants in a fridge grow, but have nothing to compare too sorry.

    The person i dealt with over emails was also very helpful and prompt. which caused me to also buy a smaller 50w UFO (for veg)
  15. Dr Growright 3w 4band
  16. I have two Blackstar 240w red (bloom) spectrum. I have one grow with them, and I'm quite pleased. I'm just starting my second grow with them, now. I'm actually using them to veg, at the moment. I think they offer a nice balance of value/performance.
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    Likin the idea of led's for my spot but have any of u had a plant that's a photo go auto because oh the balance of red to blue lights? Heard someone talk about it before but never anything solid

    Edit: the panels that is
  18. I ended up getting Hydro Grow 63W Penetrator based on reviews I had read. We'll see how they do.

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