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  1. So I've been thinking of picking up some LED's.

    They say they last 50,000 hours.Now does that mean I gotta get a whole new setup after 50k,or can new diodes or something else be replaced?Whats the deal there.I read diodes dont need replacing.As they dont burn out like regular lighting.

    Also some info on good quality LED's at a fairly decent price.I know about "california lighting",but they are to pricy for me.Also blackstar i've seen.These seem to be the most talked about LED's.

  2. ive heard its just the thermal paste on the heat shims that dry up its like $15 for new heat shims and thermal paste, blackstars are top shit the 2013 chrome edition ones have 5w diodes they have a video on them comparing PAR to other led's n they look like the future there well worth the money

  3. I was just looking at those chrome ones on Ebay.was like $1,100 for a 720w which is a good deal it seems to me..Do you know any better places to by the blackstar chrome series?
  4. no i think that gotham hydro are the main/cheapest stockist for blackstars, if you get a chrome one tho drop me a message let me know how it rolls G
  5. I was looking at those too and Gotham is a good eBay company dealt with them before
  6. beg to deffer i think 3w LED Grow Lights - High Powered LED Grow Lights - Best of 2010 is at the top of the game (3 year warranty, great customer service, and 90 day free trial..so do a whole grow and return it if you dont like it..)but after ur grow im sure you'll be keeping it
  7. Are you talking about the Diamond ones?These do look interesting.but all the companies say they have some new diode tech.Is this what your using for lights as well?

    What I like most about these is the color select feature.This sounds amazing for LED's.
  8. I hope someone chimes in about the blackstars. I have 2 of the chrome ones that I haven't used yet; one veg/clone and one flowering. I'm planning on selling the flowering blackstar for a 1000w in a 4x4 tent, but keeping the 240w chrome veg for the twin chamber on top of my growtent.

  9. The thing I didnt like about the chrome ones is on ebay anyway they list the 720w to be placed at 18' to cover a 4x4 area.Then when you read everything down further it says optimal 2x3" area.Thats way to small for $1,100.

    These diamond series look to be some of the best LED's I've seen.

  10. Yeah. That is exactly why I'm dumping my Blackstar is the 2x3 coverage. I have 4x4 and the only thing comparable with them is the 900w Blackstar. I was browsing the forums in making the choice between a near 1k LED or going with a 1000w HPS. The LED runs about $900 but I saw on ebay for near $600. I was hoping LED for the shear fact of heat, but I read in an other post the Blackstar LED 900w runs quite hot and the person using it had to ditch the idea because of the heat.
  11. blackstar is a hit and miss ordeal ive seen alot of good BUT, Also seen alot of bad....never seen any led grower say anything bad about advanced and they offer 90 day free trial like i said so just return it if your not happy after 1 grow......

    PS i would never get a single LED light over 300 watts Multiple lights is a must if you want to be flexible, and cover a good area i think 3 DS-100's could out perform a DS-500-600w light easy and cover alot more space just my 2cents

  12. See this is what I am having a hard time figureing out.How x amount of LED wattage compare with x amount of HID.

    I currently use a 1k HPS I want atleast near that power.
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    the real question is.... how big is your grow space....and how big do you like to grow your plants

    ALSO how much are you looking to spend because led's are more upfront but u save alot on all the stuff you would have to buy for HiD(a/c , fans, humidifier, ect) and you also save alot on power when you dont need to run as many watts per light and.....you dont have to run the extra's
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    Legally I can only flower 6 at a time..So I've been vegging a long time.Plants are usually between 3-4' after the stretch.I do lollipop the bottoms so only really the top half of the plants are left.

    Also i'd like to spend under 1,200,but that 600w Diamond looks so fun =).You are right though 2 would be better,but 2 300's would be $200 more.

    Its about a 5'x4'x7' tall area.
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    I been meaning to say since I saw you were growing some Urkle.I'm at 7 weeks flower on some Purple Wreck.UrklexTrainwreck.Cant wait till they say I'm Ready!!!

    Hows is Urkle have you smoked it?

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  16. what i mean by multiple light is insteed of having 1 unit that is 600w you would be better off with 2 300watts(or maybe even 4 100w )

    i think for the space you got i would go with 4 DS- 100's or a DS-200 and 2 DS-100's

    PS they hook together with a cord that u can ask for(instead of a power cord)so you only have to plug-in 1 cord

  17. can't really find to much about them not to many people have done grows with them....

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