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  1. So, what's to stop me from just using some regular blue and red LEDs instead of blowing my entire wad on a grow light? Would that be successful? Has anyone tried it? If it's still the same light spectrum, who cares if it's in a single casing?

  2. Not sure about this. I use mh and hps. They are relatively inexpensive compared to most grow lights I've seen when considering growth potential. Amazon has an Apollo 400 W with cool tube, dimmable ballast and both bulbs for $145. I dunno your price range but it works friggin awesome for me. Good luck with led. I don't know anything about them or even their cost for the kind your talking about. I know that grow lights that are LED that I found are all $200 and above. I would say the worst you can do is experiment.
  3. Some "regular LED" not Christmas tree regular but LED bulb from home depot ive seen that done only used like 50Watts it grew the plant nuthin to get to happy more equal to a low watt cfl harvest

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  4. Good LED grow lights use 3-5 watt or higher diodes and are not cheap. But one thing LED`s have in common with CFL`s and T5 HO grow lights is that they lack light penetration for taller plants. When it comes to lighting you get what you pay for.
    Yeah, they're crazy expensive. I got a HPS/MH 600w Apollo ballast. We'll see how she works in about two weeks. :)
    LEDs are just too pricey right now and, like you mentioned, the ladies are all about penetration.
  6. Don't buy an overpriced relabelled LED do your research bmlhoritculture , Apache, area51, even the solar storm area great choices. Add up your savings from bulbs, ballast, and cooling those things over 5-10yrs (average life of those expensive LEDs) and your winning :D plus the price is going down and the quality is coming up fast. Remember those 45w .5 Watters that people were using uhhh yea. and those damn things were $2-300. You can get 2 300w off Ebay for that and customize your bands. When people get on the area51 and Apache band wagon that white lights are the best for growing. Colors should be a in there as supplemental. When this happen hps grower will be dropping their lights like bag phones. I mean really hps are like mothers milk thats what growers came up on and so it hard to break loose I understand but, really your using the same setup since the 70s and 80s so put on ur bellbottoms and put a disco ball in your grow room too :p but I do love a good LED and there are alot of BS out there who just slap a sticker on a Chinese panel and mark it up 3-500. I could go all day about this..... But do your research b4 u spend your money

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