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  1. im going to be growing with iether dwc or ebb and flow. i was looking at LEDs instead of HIDs. ive never used LEDs before and i was wonderin what i would need to grow 4-6 plants that will be 3-5 feet tall.

    would any of these work. if so how many lights. wats a good watt to plant ratio? ur advice is greatly appreciated

    90W FULL SPECTRUM UFO HYDROPONIC PLANT LED GROW LIGHT - eBay (item 170437559590 end time May-25-10 20:54:42 PDT)


  2. check me on this, but I think in rumps led test thread he grew two plants under 2 90 watt ufo's. I think.. If you can locate that thread it has a ton of great info about LED's.
  3. If you kept the plants short you'd get away with 2 plants per UFO. But for 3 feet and up you need 1 to 2 UFOs per plant. A minimum of 6 UFOs. 8 UFOs to get decent results. You're better off getting a 600 watt HPS and grow 8 to 10 plants. Contrary to popular belief 6 UFOs will generate a considerable amount of heat. They don't put 3 fans on there for nothing.

    Get an air cooled HID. I have two 90 watt UFOs for supplimental lighting, so I am speaking from experience.
  4. Hey,
    i am fairly new to the forums besides just reading threads i just registered so i can post and offer/share knowledge i have as well as ask for help.
    so i would like to know... is it cool to post a new question on this thread?
    if not pls send me in the right direction.
    well i just started My first LeD grow.i am about 5 weeks in veg at 8 or 9 inches tall.(a little bit of a N issue stunted my groth) using a stealth box 4 ft high 2 sq feet wide. and i know the lights i have will not be very good for flower.(they might of even of added to the stunted growth as well). i got one of those common 14 watt half blue half white panels and one 7 watt led bulb. i definetly learned quick that cheap leds are not worth while because i had to buy a whole new led light to support flowering. so as im rounding the corner to flowering and i got a 90 w triband ufo light. is their any spacific way i should make the switch. im worried ill stress them out too much because of a new schedual and much better lights . should it be before or after i switch from 24/7 light to 12/12 or is their any better schedule for my situation. i should increase distance. right?
    well thanks guys i will greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer.

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