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  1. wat up everyone first time grower long time smoker. tired of paying 20 for G and 60 for an 8ball wich is all my money every week. so i quit smoking till i grow my own thats wats up.
    I was wondering what would be better for growing a ruderalis strain they grow about 1.5 to 2 ft. thinkin about growing 2 should i use a LED or CFL. what kind, what brand, where to buy, how many and cost ? will they work if growing in soil? please help i need a J. blow one for me if possible
  2. use both led and cfl combined for the best results.
  3. i would just go with Cfl's
    and lots of em at that
  4. If you are growing on the cheap either get an ebay lot of like 10 CFL's, or buy a cheap 70/150w hps.

    LEDs work, but you need $$$
  5. Bro, you need to do some research. You are asking very basic questions that are easily answered with the search button. Best of luck...

  6. i know that. but it would be easier if someone told me exactly what to buy and where from and how many.
  7. how much space for this grow,all 3 lengths
  8. Dude, search google..you'll get tons of info...

    I too fell into the LED trap and heed my warnings...STAY AWAY!!!! way overpriced for what you get..just go to home depot and buy cfls..Go to google and type in.."cfls for growing cannabis" and you will get loads of info..
  9. What i did VVVV
  10. a responce like that won't help at all. what your telling us is your too lazy...

    how are you gonna take care of your plants if you can't even click a search button?

    the brain is a wonderful thing and the info is readily availible all over this site.

    good luck man and happy learning:smoke: :wave:

  11. LEDS vegg but lack powerfully on yeild just go with cfls you will need lots atleast ten
    6500 k for veg 2700k for flower i'd say no lower than 23 watts

    they do get hot and you want to keep em close so you need a constant fan something small. i've grown with cfls they vegg pretty well flowering can be decent if you've got enough of em . i mixed the spectrums i think the plants responded better to a blend of 6500k an 2700k , you can buy all the shit you need at home depote they have y splitters and those outlet plugs you can stick in surge protectors to create light bars
    clamp lights and shit light that

    like i ve said i've used cfls but since having saved some cash went and bought me two sun systems 150 's and stuck em next to each other, cost me two hundred with tax bulbs included glad to be rid of all those cfls and having to adjust them all the time although i do still have two 26 watt 6500k daylights hanging in the middle from a clamp with a y splitter to even out the spectrum a tiny bit so if you got the cash buy a HID but dont waste any money on LEDS
  12. u dont need 10 cfl's to grow a plant, you can do it with one
  13. ditto that.

  14. i already did research i just want a specific type of light and how many. from someone who has grown a good amount of pot with said lights. i dont want to spend my money on some light that aint worth a damn.
  15. LED research is on the up and up.. pretty soom it'll be the norm for growers to use LED but for the time being its still moderately pricey and not all the kinks have been worked out with em, for your $$$ range I'd recommend CFL's only. Amazin buds have been produced with CFL's alone and if you put a ton of tender love and care into it you'll crop out pretty nicely. I'm doin an LED/CFL grow and will report accordingly once its finished ;)
  16. okay but you didn't say "i have researched and need help making a descision"

    you wrote
    that statement tells me that you didn't read and want someone too hand you an answer.

    you are gonna get alot of different answers.
    some love CFL's for their verstility and size, some don't think they produce as well.
    some are experimenting with the LED's, others can't justify the cost
    some use HPS/MH with great results, others have heat issues when they use them

    if i jumped the gun fine i appologize. but you asked us "too tell you what too do" not too "help me make a choice"

  17. okay please help me.
  18. The way I see it? Skip LEDs til you have tried cfl or another type on a grow. LEDs take lots of experience and knowledge. Waiting 6 months for a product will only save you money anyways.

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