LED medical closet grow.

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    Hello grasscity!
    Watch me as I grow 5 plants from seed under 2x 300watt LED full spectrum grow lights.

    Feel free to comment and Help give tips and advice.

    I'll upload some pictures o my grow soon.
    I am already nearing the veg stage for my seedlings I started on 2/7/2016 with two Philips TDL 18w/840. Nowhere near enught light tho but it worked for me. I also live in a hot climate so heat is a huge factor and I'm not/can't use a/c.

    My plants are now under 1x 300watt LED light. And light hours are 18-6.
    I have in my garden:
    1x diesel cookies
    1x tangerine dream - barnys farm
    1x old blue X rare dankness #1 - long peaks blue - rare dankness
    1x kosher kush X tangie - 24k gold - dna genetics
    1x banana sativa - hollysmoke seeds

    Have a look at my pictures. 3 of my 5 plants have a few burnt tips on the oldest leafs. Pretty sure it was the heat because it got up around 90-95. Not sure if that was what it was but I now got better ventilation. Anyone with some advice on what I'm doing wrong would be rad!

    Drop a comment and have a chat tell me about you're grow.


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    Looking great. That is a lot of plants to grow in one area depending on how long you veg.
    I've got 4 in a 3x3x6 area and there is little space. You have a fan inside to circulate air?
    What medium are you using for growing?

    You have any plans yet? Scrog?

    Tent looks awesome and ready to go!

    This is my little room, with no room lol

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  3. Looking good, im subbed in. Controlling heat was a problem for me too as I live in a hot climate all year long. I'm hung a box fan in tent blowing right on the lights and that has made all the difference.

    Medicated makes a good point tho, you might run out of horizontal space with 5 plants. What dimension is your tent?

    LED indoor - https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?/topic/1394646-Pure-AK-barebulb-cfls
  4. yeah won't be flowering all of them in here, moving them outside to get the season. BUT! I'm gonna clone each plant and grow them out inside under LEDs.
    It's almost flowering season in this part of the world, it was our last day of summer today!

    Yep I have a little desk fan on the ground blowing up. The intake blows straight onto the plants(not to much tho)

    Medium is a little give and take haha. Iv kinda made my own.
    Used organic potting mix, coco core, perlite, worm castings, chicken guano, Epsom salt, phosphorus, dolomite lime, potash, super phosphate, trace elements.
    Let it all compost together in a big tarp for a couple months.

    I think I'll use something easier next time haha.
    What do you use?

    Iv heard of that scrog method, haven't tried it yet. Iv been growing indoors/outdoor(a mix of the two) for three-four years now and this is my first proper indoor grow and my first proper strains!! So excited to see these girls grow!
    Iv only ever grown bag seed because of where I live. It's super hard to get good weed! I decided to start going for myself so I can taste the flavors and experience some cool highs.

    Yeah cheers man yours is very similar!

    Yeah rad! Haha there isn't much room at all in there hey. Do you have troubles with the heat? What ventilation do you have?
  5. My tent is
    1150 high
    550 deep
    910 wide

    Just got a new 6" intake fan today because of this heat. Hopefully that works, but it seems to be pushing more air in the tent then the 8" duct fan can push out! So I'm gonna change my 8" to a 6" (same as the one I got today) that should help move even more air.
  6. Right now I have a carbon scrubber that pulls air from outside of the tent through passive holes. It's then exhausted outside of the tent. This creates a pressure system that helps keep the smell out too.

    I'm using FF Happy Frog mixed with 20% perlite. Some say it's on the hot side but I haven't had any issues. I'm also running 2x 300w cheap led panels. My temps run between 72F and 81F which is just perfect.

    Check my grow in my siggy!

    LED indoor - https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?/topic/1394646-Pure-AK-barebulb-cfls
    Would love to grow outdoors! Really get my hands dirty!

    LED indoor - https://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?/topic/1394646-Pure-AK-barebulb-cfls
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  7. I wish I could get a hold of some fox farm but in my country I can't find it and because it is what it is I can't import it.. That's why I made my own haha. I have a bag seed outside being the crash test dummy, figured if that's going ok with the soil I made so will my others.
    Have some purple showing up in leaf stems iv heard that it's a magnesium problem?

    I have one 300w led I got off eBay and soon I'll have another. Really trying to focus on getting the heat sorted.

  8. if anyone can tell me where to get Fox Farm soil from in Australia let me know would be of great help. [​IMG]
  9. Amazon

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  10. I'll have a look on there cheers suzukisteve. Looked on gumtree and they had nothing, I'll check Amazon.
  11. Seems like the girls like the new way I put my fans. Keeping the heat around 82. I'll see how today goes and what difference there are. Hopefully the new positioning will be enough.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456608752.996519.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456608562.184608.jpg
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  12. subbed up. I'm running the same light soon to be 4 of them. question for you guys... how far you keep the light from the plants? I have 2 seedlings about 3 days above soil

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  13. Yeah not bad mate that sounds decent! I'll run the two and see what heat I get. My biggest issue is heat..
    I have my light at 18" away atm. My girls have just ended there seedling stage. 18-6 light.
  14. So guys I got my second LED 300w grow light today. I'm excited to see how two lights perform and how the heat goes. It's still hot outdoors but it should only last another week or so then the temps should start dropping.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456723465.097125.jpg
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  15. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456723633.227302.jpg

    Just a little daily update photo. 🏼
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  16. Grabbed a 1200w king led off Amazon, just came in yesterday.... Not sure how long it will last but quite impressive for 250 bucks, I have that plus a 300w Holland star from Amazon side by side... Never grown with led before, curious to see how both of ours turn out I've been slacking on my journal lol.... Good luck tho ![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  17. I'll be grabbing 2 more 300 watt panels tomorrow to give me a total of 4. interested to see how all ours turn out running the same lights

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