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    Has anyone tried using the UFO light from ebay (does not come with UFO label)? Which I think may be a cheap version, but when I turn it on.. wow do you get blinded. It was still expensive but came out to about quarter price of original. Was thinking of trying it out during vegetative stage through flowering. Then also try it in conjunction with a CFL during vegetative stage and only UFO during flowering.

    The LED UFO is 90watts.

    Any opinions, information or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I have the LED light from Ebay. the Xenuflux or whatever it's called.

    I got it because I was tired of hearing people complain. It totally kicked ass during my veg, during flower I toss in 420 watts of CFL so I can't attest to it by itself for flower. I don't regret buying it, especially because the heat is so low.

    I also cannot compare it to MH or HPS as I've never used either, I grow LED and CFL.
  3. how powerful are they?
    wud u recommend them?
    im thinkin about buildin it rather than buyin it im goin to college so i cud get them to order the the bulbs but i need a schemtic to make the circuit for it
  4. Just my opinion & 2 cents but if your going to spend the money. Spend it wisely and go with a MH/HPS. LED lighting is just simply not there yet.
  5. nah man UFO LEDs are supposed to be the way foward but i dont own one so i cant say for sure
  6. The veg well, but cant be the only light you use for flowering.

    A combo LED and T5 HID works well. Then again, so does HPS.

    If heat is not a problem, just go with HPS/MH.
  7. mm so UFO LEDs arent that good then?
    might wanna reconise buyin them so lol
  8. Some LED lights out there are not at the frequency of spectrum for the plants to use. The UFO was made for the specific reason of indoor grow. They are certainly the most economical, but they have not perfected it just yet. Does not give the best yields, however, it will get you high quality product.

    I think LED + CFL is the best way to go.
  9. what kinda leds wud u use then?
    i cant use hps coz of heat probs:(
    ive got cfl atm but lookin at improvin that
  10. Even that grow only managed to pull about .31 g/watt (170 watts of LED, 60 watts of florescent for fill). HID lighting is still the way to go IMHO.
  11. i use the 90 from htg. got 100 actual watts cfl in there as well. works fine. very low heat. of course hid still makes for tighter nugs but im perfectly happy with my purchase. it works perfect for my situation.
  12. T5 HID are lower heat as well. I had leaves touching the tubes at one point, and they didnt burn.

    T5 is cheaper than LED as well. Just look for deals.

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