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  1. i've done a search over the whole site and came up with some leads on led lights. but none of them told me if you could actually grow with them or not. i found that nasa is using red and blue led lights to grow lettuce in space stations and whatnot, but i would still like to knwo if anyone has tried to grow using leds. in theory it should cost less to build a grow box and maintain it than using fluoros, mh, or hps. plus they're small enough and cheap enough per bulb to get many of them to cover the whole box. not to mention the lower heat output and the high lumens per bulb (i think it's like 24 lumens for a single blub, a good one though, i think the lower ones still get 10 per blub) using those figures, you could essentially get 10 crappy bulbs and give off 100 lumens. i'm just trying to conserve energy around here and enhance my first grow. if anyone could shed some light on this, that'd be fantastic.
  2. The different colored l.e.d.'s cost different prices where I live, and to really get them for cheap I'd probally have to buy in bulk..... I think they're set up to be run only on d.c. current too, so you'd spend a fortune on batteries.

    I don't really have a lot of info about growing with l.e.d.'s, I haven't seen anything definative.... there might be some info at og
  3. I never really thought of it before, but it's a damn good idea. They take very little energy and they can be bright suckers!

    Not to mention that you could technically have lights shining from a number of directions, focusing lights on certain areas of plants. If I'm not mistaken, they don't really give off heat, either.

    Pretty cool idea in my book. I'd love to see the world's first MJ led grow. :p

  4. Im thinking there are speciality leds out there because alot of systems use them (The electronic led pannels that have the information that scrolls). The hard bit would be able to find them first, but if you could find them itd be great, you could create great ambient light thats pretty much everywhere, and it will probablly cover the sprectrum because a blue led isnt just a light with a blue fillament but different chemicals (Scientists had a real hard time finding out how to find out how to produce blue leds).
  5. Why do you guys try to find different ways to grow rather than do it the right way ????

    l can tell ya how to get 50 ozs from one light and one plant if ya do everything right .

    But ya,all want to know how to do it without doing it the right way ,lol.

    Sorry ,l don,t know .rotflmao :D
  6. 50 oz from one plant and one light? That doesn't seem possible. I mean even if you had a 1k light and a 4'x5' scrog screen and where growing big bud, I don't know if 50 oz would be possible.......

    I know you've been growing for longer than me, so I won't doubt what you say, but how can you get 50 oz's from one plant?

    ...............guys if you want some information about led's I think I remember seeing one at overgrow in some post about tiny growboxes. Possibley "world's smallest grow box" or something like that.
  7. Led's are very useful for growing cos u can build your own light spectrum for your needs.U can get led's in a very specific frequency and u can add loads of different frequencies together to get (In theory) a better light spectrum than any other lights.They also emit light in a narrow viewing angle which makes em intense.
    Its way too much hassle to make up a load of panels with 100's of leds' all wired up, and then if one goes u have to replace it which would be fun!
    I'd love to give it a go sometime though, just to see for myself!
  8. This company actually makes and sells "led grow lights" that plug into a standard light sockect and cost a little less than 200 bucks a pop.


    I swear people must think that stoners are too dumb to build things........
  9. i would make something similar to those lights, if i knew how. I've searched and i can't find a link with instructions on how to wire leds. i have found they use like 1.4 volts though, which could pose a problem, unless i find a way around it. Theoretically, i could put 89 leds in a circuit and run it 120 volts, but i'm too cheap to try it. oh well, i guess it's off to the hps...
  10. these been done befor in a other site... It veg great, but donw know about flowering.......

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