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  1. Hay check out these supre LED grow lights. They are growing great

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  2. Hey man.
    Looks great. Glad you finally made it up on the board buddy. Welcome to Grass City LEDGuru.
  3. cant wait to see how the plants will turn out. What seeds u using?
  4. Are my eyes tricking me, or do I only see a handful of LEDs per hood? Is that enough? What lumen output and wattage for one of those hoods? Sorry for the questions, I don't know much about LED growing.
  5. To many damn wires for Someone like me (a little ocd and slight perfectionist). I'd get fed up of tripping over them, and pull those suckers down by the cords LMAO.. Yeah small wires all over would drive me nutty, but very interesting growing tech... Any experiance growing under LED before this?
  6. do leds work? i never heard of that b4. grow something with um! i wanna see
  7. Yes LED works and probably better than MH as well.

    One thing i notice though, i see all the red spectrum, there should be 1 Blue LED for every 2 Red.

    Maybe they are there just cant tell from the picture.

    Glad to see you join GC... Big welcome to you.
  8. Cant wait to see this..
  9. I think there should be 1 blue for every 10 red.

    Welcome to the city!
  10. Bump for your new pic Guru
  11. High All,

    Finally I got the LED Grow Lights from my buddy. They are much brighter than I expected. The two lights pictured here, according to my buddy (who has grown peas, beans and herbs under it), are the equivalent of a 400 watt HPS. However, when putting the light meter under the lights it barely registers any lumens therefore; lumen output with LED's is almost irrelevant. The wattage is also different; all the lights are just a few watts.

    It comes with a ballast and has just as many wires as an HPS system except the LED ballast is a fraction of the weight and size. It is unfortunately very expensive to buy right now because of the cost of the LED bulbs but with time that should hopefully come down. What you see pictured costs at least $400 and that is my friends cost. Retail of course is a bit more expensive but, the patent on the design is still pending so my friend is not selling them just yet. Despite being at least twice the cost of the comparable HID light systems, this difference is identical after year 4 due to difference in electricity costs per year (about $75 per year for the LED’s and $300 a year for 400 watt HID’s). After year 4 of LED use, the electricity savings will be around $105 per year in favor of the LED’s.

    Anyway, I plant to do a side by side grow between my 400 watt HPS and this LED from clones (so it is as accurate comparison as one could get). But that comparo grow won't happen yet because I have major surgery coming up soon and will be out of commission for a while and I don't want to ruin the side by side; otherwise the whole thing will be pointless. I might start a couple of seeds off uder them just to see how it grows. So, stay tuned for that…

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  12. P.S. As you can see there is a switch on one ballast and dimmer switch on the other ballast, to toggle between all blue, all red or red and blue lights together.

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  13. Awesome man, I love seeing people working with LED's, they're definitely the future of growing. I can't wait for the cost to come down some so I can get some for my own grow.
  14. Seems like it was built to be more complicated then it really is... You said the lights are what make it cost so much money? HOw much them lights cost per bolb?
  15. Those must be some powerful LED's if you only need 40 of em to equal a 400w HPS. I never heard of a ballast for LED either. Your comparison has my attention.
  16. I have been following a friends grow who spent over £2,000 on led lights. I was shocked when I saw the size of the plants and the room he has them growing in does not look that bright.

    He purchased his from http://www.ledgrowlights.com/

    Unfortunatley he won't let me take any pics so I can't post anything.

    Looking at what he has and the LED's in this thread I'm wondering if you have enough of them.

    Good luck and hope the op goes OK and you get back on ur feet pronto.

  17. Hi, I just had a look around the internet for LED growlights. Lots of advantages to using them apart from the cost :( Give it a year they will be availible on E Bay :)
  18. I just spoke to my buddy. He said the small light pictured gives 30 watts total with both red and blue turned on and the bigger light gives 80 watts total. Not a lot according to the numbers but LED's are different than CFL's & HID's.

    Thanks guys,
    Cronic, my buddy said the lights are about $6.80 per bulb.

    That might not be a good comparison. You really can't compare the two; they are just two different. The similarity is that the 400 watt HPS will do about 6 plants and so will the two LED lights I have pictured.

    Max, the lights that you gave there on your link while have many more lights than our LED system, they are the fraction of the brightness and therefore far inferior to the lights we have. According to my buddy who has seen his design next to your links' design, those lights are the old school lights and are out dated compared to our lights. Oh and thanks for the well wishes.

    Sad old, my friend plans to get them up on Ebay as soon as the patent goes through (no word on when that might be).

    Anyway, this light will be different than what I am used to. My friend says the lights cause the plant to grow huge fan leaves and the plant does not get all that tall but it gives one central, large bud site instead of multiple branched sites and grows the plants short and bushy. Also, according to my friend plants grown under the LED's don't need to be grown weith a fan and the stems still get nice and thick. We will have to see. I will get a couple of seedlings going under them here in a few days. Then after I am back, I will do the clone experiment side by side.
  19. Hi Folks,
    As promised a grow solely under the LED lights. This is not the side by side comparo I plan to do in the future because I want to do that from clones but, this is a grow from seeds. Here are the details:

    Soil: Generic no name Professional Potting soil (no nutes).
    Lights: See above pictures
    Strain: Chronic- 50% Sativa 50% Indica
    Fan: NO FAN
    Fertilizer: Hydroponic/Soil/Soil-Less (chemical) Veg 20-6-16, Flower 9-30-12
    Temp: 22- 23 degrees C or 72-74 degrees F both Day & Night
    Pots: 8 inch, 3 Gallon
    LST: None
    Topping: Maybe
    FIM: none

    As you noticed for these seedlings I will not be using any fan at all. The reason for this is my associate claims the advantage of his lights over HID lights is growing does not have to be a “big production” with his lights. Stems, stalks and leaves on his plants get thick and strong from the light alone. We will see about that.

    Unfortunately, I only have room to get 2 plants under them for now so hopefully if I get one female I can dedicate that to a cloning mother and get a few clones under there, and we can then quickly switch to the 400 watt HPS by LED grow to the finish. So, unless these two are both female I probably won’t go all the way through just yet. But, for a veg comparo, I think it will give us a good idea of the potential of the lights.

    Please feel free to ask questions and please leave plenty of comments.

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  20. One more cool shot with the blue LED's on only (the way they will be kept for veg).

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