LED lights that bump to your subs

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  1. is there any way i could make this happen?
    i want to take some interior led lights and somehow make them light up to the bass of my subwoofer.

    but i dont want it to flash, i want it to glow, if that makes sense.
    ive seen kits and others that require a second amp, etc. but ive heard pieces of hope that i can take normal led lights and do this too.

    id like to do it with these, since they are such a good deal (5m for $48 shipped)

    how would i go about doing this? or would i just have to give up hope on the normal lights and get ones specifically made for this? and if i do have to give up on these lights, could anybody direct me to a site that sells lights like im looking for?

    i dont want to rice out my car. but it would look nice on the inside, and epic in a hotbox.
  2. there are i dont know if you have to buy them like that though
  3. dude its so simple ur gonna kick ur self once i tell ya how to... you can do this with pretty much any LED long as the music is loud enough to power it. Just connect the posititve an negative of the LED's to your subs positive and negative. When music is played, power is sent from the amp to make your sub thump. The light will light up with the beat. They also sell these things that are sound activated, it lets u connect lights and shit to it.

    Your not going to get like a dimming glow effect, the lights going to go with the bass line in a on and off pattern. just do it and youll see what i mean, its cool as fuck. Done it before in another car.

  4. thanks man, that is really simple. im no good with conversions, so would hooking up a 12v led light to say a 600 watt amp blow any of the lights out?
  5. resistors are your new friend. :)

  6. Best response in the world. hahaha
  7. naw it wont blow, I had a buncha 12v LED's hooked to a 1000 watt amp that was runnin bridged and nothing ever happend. but adding a resistor wont hurt
  8. LEDs can handle short bursts of over voltage, but I'd really recommend finding out how much voltage your stereo is putting out at max and then working from there. When it comes to cars you really do need to measure, some cars may put out 14v, which will kill the life of the led if you plan for 12.
  9. look up High Flux LED's, theyre this new type of ultra bright LED. Its so bright that you cant look at it cuz it kinda blinds you.
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  13. where can u get these resitors?
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