LED lights or HPS/MH

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  1. LED seems to be cheaper on the electricity bill and don't produce as much heat right? But what wattage do I need? Same 200 per plant?
  2. Definitely.

    It produces almost no heat. But it produces less bud too.

    I ran a 90 watt LED UFO for my first few rounds. I used low stress training to make the plants as short as possible and gradually added more and more CFLs to assist the LED. What started out as a LED grow became a CFL assisted LED grow, which became a LED assisted CFL grow, which became a CFL grow with a disco light. Then I switched to a 600w HPS.

    I recommend jumping right to the HPS. Skip the LED, the slow accumulation of CFLs, the LST.

    The same footprint that accommodated 2 LSTed plants now holds 4 non-LSTed plants. The buds produced by the HPS are twice the size of those produced by the CFLs and the party light.

    The HPS does produce a lot of heat, though, requiring you to address your ventilation much more aggressively.

    LED and/or CFLs can get you going cheaper and easier, with less effort and commitment. But nothing compares to HPS.

    I can't say how much LED wattage is sufficient. I do know that 90w is not sufficient and last time I checked (not recently) LED lamps were rather pricey.
  3. Yeah just haven't seen enough data to prove to me the led can even get close to the yield of hips.
  4. I think that varies. I have a California Lightworks 800w 5 watt LED that pulls about 690 watts with everything on. I have to have my inline fan on near max and the tent is about 80-83 degrees. If you buy a LED with low wattage which will give you not a very good grow it generates hardly any heat. More Wattage = more heat. Pulling 690 watts and 5 amps of juice be it LED, HID, CFL generates heats. Laws of Physics at work there.

    I would only go LED if you can afford a good one or just want a small grow. HID is still the reference standard for growing and 100% will produce outstanding dope everytime. If you have the money then LED can do the same. Buy a 100 dollar LED you get a 100 dollar grow light.
  5. LED Lights are definitely cheaper than HPS
  6. i have to agree with the guy whos grow journal is slowly showing me that my 600w hid could use a 200w led boost. luls. last night a fellow blade reffered me to a grow on a different forum of a guy who gre 2 autos with 1 led panel and pulled just under a pund. off autos.... im just saying at the end of the day you get what you put into it be hid or led. but led is deffinatly a standing competitor in the growing world. there are some absolutly amazing grows with just leds. either way, good luck on your decision and your future grow :wave:

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