led lights from walmart?

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  1. just wondering if anyone had seen those led lights they have for sale at walmart? there is like 4 in a pack it says brillant white light just wondering how good they would be for vegging? not sure the kelvins or anything i don't think it said. thanks for any help...:smoking:
  2. It would be worth it for experimenting but no one on here uses LEDs right now which I think speaks volumes.
  3. i think you need to look around a bit more ;)
  4. You don't want white dude, you want red and blue and a couple amber, but unless you know what you are doing as far as figuring out spectrums and things you should read up on leds. Not all led's are the same.i use them to supplement my flower room ( just the red ones), i tried using just led's for veg and for flower and i will say that while they sustain growth, they do not promote fast growth rates that MH and HPS do. My plants grew about 3 inches in a month under just led's. There is alot more to it than what i have said here, check out the led thread in indoor growing for more info on these lights..
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  6. I don´t think that is necessarily so, I have seen threads where people have posted pics of their LED set-up.

    I am strictly an outdoor grower, but I think LEDs must be the way forward indoors. High efficiency, so low power consumption and low heat output, both of which are currently problems for indoor guys.

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