LED Lights for Bonsai

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  1. Hello,
    i know this is not really the place for this but the MJ community seams to be the leading experts on LED lighting. i am looking for LED lighting for my indoor bonsai. i know most MJ growers are concerned with the RED end of the spectrum, being that is what it takes to get a plant to flower correctly. if im not mistaken i dont really need any of my ficus's or my kingsville boxwood to flower, i just need fast vegitative growth, which would put me in the blue spectrum of light. the only problem with that is most blue LED panels look cheap, and if im going to spend the money i want somthing thats going to work.

    so here is my question; Which LED light product would you recommend for me? i can spend up to $200. ive tryed to find reviews on some of the products out there but they are really hit or miss

    i was thinking
    Amazon.com: Sunshine Systems LEDGP45 LED Grow Light 28WT: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    or this all blue one

    Amazon.com: UFO All Blue 90 Watt High Power LED Grow Light Veggie, 2506BU: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    anyways i know that the community here will have some very good information for me, and thanks again for entertaining my idea :)
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  3. LED lights are expensive and for what your usein it for I just don't think its worth the investment
  4. i know that LED lighting is expensive, but any other serious option is going to be expensive also. a 400W HPS system with ballast light reflector and all the other cooling conditions is going cost me atleast the same price.

    the thing is, i think us bonsai growers and the MJ community are really if you break it down in the same boat. we are all trying to grow plants in places they were never intended to grow. we all want the best proforming, looking, and healthyest plants we can raise. i think that the rest of the indoor horticulture world has alot to learn from this community. you guys have been doing it better, cheaper, faster, and more scientifically then any other indoor plant community. my hat is off to you guys and i hope you will allow me to learn somthing
    Very Respectfully,

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