LED Lights for a Grow Closet...3 Plants Max

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by UrbanJah, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Ok so on my first grow I'm thinking of using LED lights. I know this is new tech and some people don't like the results, but for me this is the most practical for my location. I need something that won't emit tons of heat signatures outside and won't jack up my electric bill. I only plan on growing 3 plants right now because I want this to be as stealth as possible. I just don't know which route to take...

    90W 1W LED UFO
    GrowUFO UFO LED Grow Light

    100W 2W LED or
    Newegg.com - LIGHTHOUSE 100W Blackstar UV LED Grow Light 2w LED's

    240W 3W LED
    Newegg.com - LIGHTHOUSE 240W Blackstar UV LED Grow Light 3w LED's

    The 90W LED from GrowUFO is just as expensive almost as the 240W 3W from Lighthouse. I don't know if that means the Lighthouse brand is of less quality or what because I've read about people buying crap LED lights and getting meh results. But would any of these be suitable for 3 closet plants? Do CFL's cut down on cost and heat emissions compared to MH and HPS setups?
  2. yes CFLs cost alot less and produce less heat but HPS is the shit for flowering...and idk about leds are you gonna use veg and flower or just veg?
  3. I wanted to use LEDs for flowering yes even though I've read the jury is still out on that. That's why I've also been thinking about the Diamond series which is getting rave reviews.

    3W diodes at 100W
    NEW - Diamond Series LEDs - Extreme 3w LED Technology - Advanced LED Grow Lights

    I'm hoping the above is enough for 2-3 plants at least.
  4. The blackstar 240 3w panel should hold you fine for 3 plants.You will get pretty good bud from it as long as you dont expect HID results imo..still im pretty sure you will be happy with the results..interesting that newegg sell those...lol i spent a ton of money there for comp parts alone:eek:

    good luck:smoke:

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