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    After years of schooling in science and experience in many indoor grow rooms, I have decided that the LED light setups available for us are not only massively over-priced but also failures in terms of functionality. They simply aren't working like we want, and what's worse, the technology and knowledge exists now that's needed to make them better lights. In fact this research and data has been done for several years now. Why are they selling lights based on decade old LED grow data instead of what's up to date and proved to be correct (better than what's there now anyway)??? I'm not certain although I have ideas. None the less I am about to do it myself. I have plenty of electronics and physics in my my background and I am first hand user of the current grow equipment we find in these grows. I have built my own LED lighting to supplement existing hps grow lights and am certain I know what's needed to replace traditional veg and flower lights in use. I didn't do the research myself, no, NASA and countless doctoral University students put that time in. It's tjier data, I'm just going to use this data to fix what i see as wrong with the current marketplace offering and hopefully help us all out with our grows. LEDs can produce the exact amounts of lumens and the exact frequency spectrum needed for photosynthesis. In fact, if built for a specific plant, the LEDs lights can out shine the sun in terms of improving certain biological functions of the plant. For these plants we target resin and specifically potency. You could choose to boost relative yield instead but the improvement in yield vs HPS bulbs isn't really that much but potency potential is extremely greater for led setups. So the plants will be more sticky and potent. That's good, right? LEDs also use less power and obviously make cheaper electric bills. They also make less heat than incandecents which means less a/c to cool the grow rooms to the right range. Less air conditioner also results in a smaller electric bill.

    It is sad really, we can have better quality of product and can stop feeding lots of cash into power companies but the ignorance and atrophy of current LED manufactures don't think we need to have that improvement. So help me in producing and testing a 'better version' LED grow light, or actually one flower and one vegetative spectrum, that will be cheaper than a decent HPS setup. Right now an LED flower light that is equivilant to 1000W HPS is around the $300-400 range and is crap that barely works. I am certain I can make the corrections and have the best functioning LED lights that should be sold for $150-200 each for a 600w HPS equivilant and $200-250 for a 1000w HPS equivilant output. A veg led that works and replaces a 4x 48inch t5 flourescent will be less than $100. . That's not a crazy huge profit range on an item that's going to massively improve a cash crop, but i intend this project to be more of a gift to all the growers that hate being robbed for mostly useless crap that's sold to us in grow stores. Help me do this and at least speed the process by donating to my go fund me campaign for this LED improvement. I constantly read the new thesis papers, research journal articles and other data that's scientific non-mainstream info on led growing as well as led construction and design improvements for various specific wavelengths. I am up to date on new led components available and what research has proven for led grow light spectrum. I will order parts based on the most up to date science papers that I can find.
    Here is the link if you want to help. Otherwise read on.
    The plan is to build three of the veg and three flower versions which will be placed in three different grow locations that are currently producing and are stable. This first batch will be used for testing and control. The results get used for modifications and a new set is made. They get placed back into the grows and tested. I estimate it will take a maximum of three versions before I am satisfied. So the first set and two improved prototypes after that. They are continuous grows with perpetual harvests so the three rounds of flowering for testing will definitely take less than a year. The money needed (if you choose to donate) is going to buy components from suppliers and things like solder and wire. And I am off to a good start in the 48 hours since. I became fed up and volunteered to fix the problem. Yesterday, 24 hours from when I started this, I received my first donation of $110 (without hesitation) from my old physics professor at the university. I was there asking him about technology specific business experience and he was more than encouraging with his complements about my skill sets and had an enthusiasm he rarely has toward students. He said that it is very rare to have both the ability and initiative to do something like what I'm going to do. He then told me I have both of those things and I should be kicking myself in the ass for not having had this idea years ago. None the less it will be done. Here's the link to donate gofundme.com/41ybp60

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