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  1. So my second grow is a month into flower and doing good but temps are getting to hot with my cfls so ive been considering going to leds to help. I currently have two 150 watt equivalent 2700k cfl big bulbs for flower and I have a carbon filter and exhaust fan set up above my lights and I have an inlet fan down low with an other fan blowing the air around the bottom to mid section of the plant. I currently only have one plant growing but I'm hoping to grow two next time. My box size is roughly 2 1/2 ft square that is 5 ft tall. My question is will leds help reduce the heat in my box? And what is the best bang for my buck for an led that will handle 2 plants in this size space for flower? I won't be able to buy an led until after harvest and cure so probrobly a month to 6 weeks to save up but I don't have a lot to save twords it. I'm hoping to stay as far under $200 as I can. Thanks

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    If you only have two 150 watt equivalent cfl's in there now - an LED will increase the heat in the box not decrease it. LED's put out less heat than HID lights do but not CFL's. As far as the best bang for your buck LED - I have no experience with that quality LED, but I'm sure that some other growers can help. Personally I would only grow one plant in a 30" square box. Good luck.
  3. Any other way to get my temps down with out venting out of the house I live in a hard area to vent out of?

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  4. A/C
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  5. Leds DO NOT put out more heat in the immediate area compared to clfs, I can't touch every part of my led setup, drivers and diodes without getting burnt, I can't do that with my clf, even my 13 watt gets too hot to hold.

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