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  1. Whatsup guys? Growing 5 bubblicious autos which are showing first signs of flower. They are doing good but they could use more light (kind of stalky and the nodes are not stacked tight). Im using two CFL's, i believe they are 150w each. I planted 5 in hopes that 2 would make it and all 5 are alive and well. I have questions about adding an LED light. My tent is 4' long, 2' wide, and 5' tall.

    1) Can adding an LED light at flower stress or damage the plants?

    2) I know LED's can burn plants if they are too close, but can you use more watts than recommended for your grow space if the light is at a safe distance from plants?

    I would like to use a 600w LED light, also to have for future grows, although i believe a 300w light is recommended.

    Any input is greatly appreciate. Thanks!

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  2. I switched my 2 over from a CFL and put them under a Bloom Boss Pro 1000 LED right before I went 12/12 and they doubled in size and are looking real healthy. You'll be good dude.. With other proper care of course

    1st Pic is day I put them under LED and switched to 12/12.

    2nd Pic is 7 days later

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  3. Wow they look great dude! They really took off. Are you experiencing any light burn or stress using such a large light in a smaller tent with only two plants? I was thinking of putting an LED in between my cfl's but im not sure if thats overkill
  4. No they won't get light burn or any shit like that unless you have it way to close - keep it about 18" and watch those babies really take off - what you have now is not really ideal man.. deff get the bigger lights.
  5. Im going to order two LED's right now. Would two 450w be overkill for my tent? Id rather go bigger if possible. Can i run my cfl's also? Or just the LED's?
  6. The wattage of those CFL's won't actually be 150 each just like the 2 leds won't actually be 300 true watts each bro, so yes all together sure why not! Deff won't be over kill.. maybe 2 x 1k LED be a bit over over kill, but your good too go.
  7. Sick thanks alot dude . So go with two 450's? Lol
  8. Yup, then you will be laughing! Or of you can afford it just get 1 x 1k led.. true watts vary but mines 710w I can grow 4 beasts off that o only have 2 plants under it right now and they going spastic.
  9. Shit man they look amazing! I figured id get two smaller lights instead of one large light so i can move them around if i have to. What strain are those bushy ladies?
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  10. Cheers bro! That one is a white widow x big bud! Won't stop getting bushy no matter how much I defoliate her.. and yeah that's cool man actually better to have 2 lights if you got 2x 600 be ever better.
  11. No light burn or stress, but as the other gentleman said, 18 inches is the perfect distance for the plants. I adjust light and rotate plants every other day.
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  12. I have a two led lights roleadro 400 watt led true watts 180 and a 600 watt meihzi led true watts 280 and boy these boys get the job done with nice yields

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