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  1. Hi guys.
    Just had my first grow that went really well.
    And now getting ready for the next one.
    I'm looking to upgrade my lighting witch is 600w hps with the large adjust a wing reflector.
    To leds I have my eyes on a few but would appreciate everyone's input on this.
    I've been looking at: spider farmer se7000 . . : the lumatek zeus pro 2.9. . : and the gavita 1700 . . :
    Is there any other leds I've not considered?
    And what would you choose and why ?
    Many thanks Craig
  2. Horticultural lighting group, mammoth lighting, California sun are all better choices to choose from. You're looking at pintos compared to these brands with exception to the zeus, only issue with the zeus model is I've never seen Lumileds in action. Samsung LM301H LEDs are often copied but rarely duplicated. Can't always go by companies description it's their job to sale lights. Every company that has a light for sale has the best light available, with the newest best options available.

    Megadrive 600 by California sun has 3.5 µMoles/J compared to the zues 2.9 µMoles/J for example.

    What size tent are you using 4x4?
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  3. Hi bud .
    And thanks for the information.
    I'm upgrading to the gorilla 5x9 .
    That light sounds awesome
  4. so your grow went really well with HPS and you want to change that? i still use the 600 hps i guess the future is in LED i suggest taking your time and buying something worthwhile if you are going with a 5x9 you will need at least 2 lights good luck
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  5. I would get a better reflector for your hps . An air cooled one . If you go into something like facebook market place there almost free. Leds cost me yields ! I pulled less then hps. Reason led have very good downward lighting . Zero side lighting . So that led will crank up to an amount of light that is useless . To much light in a space your plants will burn. Yeah i like hps better . Sorry not what you wanted to hear . Hps are better for plant that are over 3 foot tall. Led for plants under 3 foot tall. Led for just a few plants . Hps for many plants.
    Led for people that want to say there using led and spend extra cash . Hps for growers that want to kill it .
    You winged hood is junk. Get a 8 inch cool tube with the wings there cheap and work the best . for a 4/4 area
    You can easily get 30 ounces from that hps. Led in the same area i need to use800 real watts to get the same yield . No savings . I have used led for warehouse grows and smaller auto plants at home .
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  6. Went very well but now facing the heat with my hps . A new ac unit in the UK is very expensive so wanted to upgrade to the cooler leds .
    I totally understand what you are saying and thinking.
    Many thanks Craig
  7. Thanks bud .
    I'm wanting to try a auto flower grow I'm under the belief that they are a smaller plant
  8. Yeah led are much cooler for sure. Led and autos work out good. Auto vary on the size 1 foot to 4 foot typical 3 foot tall Look into a led that has bar style instead of qb boards .
    Bar led coverage are is much better
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    That's 45sqft of growing space you'll want atleast 1,400 to 1,500 watts. 30 watts a sqft is the minimum amout of wattage youd want to push flowering in any space.

    5x9=45 ( grow space ) 700 ( wattage you are looking at ) 700÷45= 15 watts a sqft

    With the space being mix matched 5x9 I'd go with two lights to get adequate coverage maybe 3 depending on wattage and size of lights used.
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  10. I disagree on the big commercial grow company's using HPS.
    They do use LEDs and use fohse LEDs for big grows.
    That's what Belushi uses in his grow production.
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  11. my room stays around 78 f with the fans only no AC IMG_20230424_082332235_HDR.jpg
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  12. 4 x 8
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  13. LED lighting is the latest lighting technology and a very rapid never ending of being modified or upgraded technology.
    All other lighting technology is years and decades old..
    The lighting that produces the least amount of heat is the most efficient, Also have the least light penetration.
    All light is electromagnetic waves/energy. All light known to man creates heat..

    LED lighting ,, required 30 to 35 watts of quality LED lighting per square foot of grow space.
    I assemble my LED lights using parts from Horticulture Lighting group and power suppliers from TRC electronics
    My average cost per wtt to assemble a LED grow light is 1 dollar per watt
    I use the HLG 2V 288 R spec boards and run them at 160 watts per board.
    I have twenty 2v 288 r spec boards in operation,
    You can expect to save 30 % and more on just the energy bill not including the extra fans for keeping HPS lighting cool.

    The only reason to operate HPS lighting commercially is if you need to heat the greenhouse......
    Winter time,, all are in veg ........ Commercial farm 1 of 3 greenhouses I of 4 farms

    Led lights I assembled

    The price has dropped about 20%
    QB288 V2 Rspec & Slate 2 Single Combo – Horticulture Lighting Group
    Assembling then is not that tough there are videos and we can help.
    Good luck
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  14. Very nice setup indeed
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  15. Fohse LEDs is what big commercial growers are using.
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    This ? https://seresag.com/products/fohse-...0l-jjEksEC3iCnHs0jvZ7dIFbTnneOFRoC25IQAvD_BwE 1500 watts . . I can cover a 5/5 area with gavita 1000 hps and there about 30 bucks each right now used . Replacement bulbs 30 bucks each. Ow and a commercial grower is buying hundreds of lights . Who can afford 2k a bulb x 100 ? For start ups
    Here is the par map no side lighting from these only straight down .
    Fixture dimensions 46.5L × 47.25W × 4.5 H in So a grower should only turn this light up half way its enough par to keep plans happy. This is a much better choice it saves zero power over hps a 600 watt will cover a 4/4 area just fine and give 30 ounces easily . https://www.spider-farmer.com/produ...Y4_eEiBNJc32TNkZlgMrPzhxO2cTA6rhoCDdMQAvD_BwE You will get more par with these led lights. Its to much par in my opinion and burns the plants unless you raise them higher. Why crank the juice and raise the light ? Lower it and dim it save the juice. Spider farms make very good led bars I suggest looking into this brand if you have a heat issue over hps
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  17. That's how I run my 1300 watts from wall in a 5x5 tent, par 750 to 800 with LEDs only about 40 percent turned up. Cheap and get good yield. Also using LST so I get a lot of Cole's off each branch.
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  18. Many thanks guys .
    I really appreciate your input.
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  19. Nice grow .
    I attempted to do one last summer and was struggling with temperature 85 and above just could not get it down and lost the plants . Would love to keep the hps lights as they are great .
    I just delayed the grow until winter lol
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  20. That's an awesome grow .
    And thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Very much appreciate
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