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  1. hi guys!
    im looking to buy a led light for my next grow iv found one on ebay called"MARSHYDRO 600W LED GROW LIGHT" and just want to make sure its not shit,i will probably be growing autos in coco,is a 600w led enough to pull say 2oz of each plant from a 4 plant grow?so 8 oz altogether,what have you guys pulled with your 600? thanks in advanced 

  2. Description :
    • New 2014 600W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Growth and Flowering
    • Spectrum: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White
    • LEDs: 200*3WLEDs
    • Dimension: 17*11*3inches
    • Lumen: 14300lumens
    • Coverage: 4*3ft( Veg), 3*2.5ft(Flowering)
    • Output power: 600Watt
    • Power consumption: 110V: 335W-360W/220V: 346W-320W
    • Amp: 2.8A/110V, 1.4A/220V
    • Worldwide Voltage Capable: AC85~265V
    • View Angle of LEDs: 90/120 Mixed
    • Lifespan: 50000-100000hours
  3. that company has a thread here at GC I own 2 of their panels but I haven''t harvested yet. You might wanna check out that thread and see what results others are having :)     I like mine so far..  Make sure you're paying attention to the actual draw of the panel..  the 600w only consumes ~320watts...so you get 320watts of light. A maximum for a grow is about a gram a watt (which is hard to attain)
    ..so theoretically you could pull about 320grams from that light after getting your grow all dialed in...might take a few runs.
    I own a mars2 700w and a reflector model 3x48. You can check out their website to see all their models  . Sounds like the one you're talking about is the older model...which I'm sure works great.  If you contact smokesara , the starter of that led thread....she can get you a discount on the light before purchase....she a rep for the company....
    good luck :)
  4. thank you very much bongsauce,ill have a look now

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