Led light wattage

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  1. Led lights say 1000w for example but pull only half that from the wall. I have a hard time understanding how this works. Why is it a 1000w if it's pulling only 500w from the wall.

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  2. This my friend, is chinese marketing to increase sales, i.e bullshit.
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  3. the chinese know there is a sucker born every minute
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  4. So the 1000w means nothing? Just disregard it? I don't understand

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  5. yes always look for "actual watts" or "true watts" they are there just got to look for it
  6. I believe it's something like this, using the "450w" COB with 10 LEDs I've got as an example:

    4 x 100w capacity COBs = 400w capacity
    10 x 5w capacity LEDs = 50w capacity

    Total capacity / potential = 450w.

    Pull from wall = 210w.


    Everything is run just less than half power to get the longest life from the components.

    That's my understanding of it anyway, could be wrong and am happy to be corrected.

    But generally deceptive numbers are marketing bullshit...
  7. Nobody uses those lights anymore anyways. Now people use hlg qb or similar boards. This is not the exact conversion, but it is something like 135w of qb is equal to about 250w of hid, which if you go by the 50w/sq foot covers 5 square feet. Here is an example of some of the kit ideas with the wattages and coverage area.Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light Kits
  8. Yeah just marketing crap. They produce a light and then make up what they think it will be the equivalent of in terms of hps lights.
  9. I saw one the other day listed as a 1000w and it only pulled 120w.
  10. 1200w actual draw 190w :bolt:a perfect example of when to run for the hills
  11. I believe that 1000w is in reference to the comparison of an incandescent light. Here is a little chart to show an example.
    Convert lumens to watt
    Type of bulb 200-300 Lumen 700-1000 Lumen
    Incandescent 25-30 Watt 75 Watt
    Halogen 18-25 Watt 65 Watt
    CFL 5-6 Watt 15 Watt
    LED 2-4 Watt 8-10 Watt
  12. Don't do the mistake and purchase a product that has severely exaggerated specifications, what that will tell you about the quality; it's crap. Go for quantum boards
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  13. I know mars makes the ts1000 which to me seems deceiving even though they dont claim 1000 watts.

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  14. Imagine a light with 100 tiny leds. Each tiny led is rated for 10 watts max each. 100 leds times 10 watts each gives you 1000 watt light. But they only use a 300 watt power supply powering each led by 3 watts only.

    So they advertise a "1000 watt light" thats only 300 watts.

    Now there are reasons why this is done. The leds are more efficient and last longer when run at a lower wattage. But they confuse the shit out of buyers.

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  15. MarsHydro have never said their TS1000 uses 1000 watts, that's the model name, nothing to do with wattage. Not sure why you would assume that 1000 meant watts, why not volts or btu's?

  16. This is kind of an old way of doing things and more modern LEDs don't express this.

    When a company makes a light with 100 diodes and each diode is rated at a maximum of 3w they'll state their combined wattage (300w).
    However, they'll likely set the driver to only allow those diodes to use a combined wattage of 100, because it will drastically lengthen the life span of the light.

    Many companies would call this a 300w light. Which is obviously very misleading and very confusing for beginners. Light output and area coverage is often also exaggerated, but LED companies are coming around to this and stating correct figures or at least when they have a number in the title, they don't have a "w" after it. The situation is definitely getting better

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