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  1. By me turning it to the red light and having it on a 12/12 should it start to flower soon or are they already in the flowering stage 20190803_092135.jpg 20190803_092130.jpg 20190803_092119.jpg

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  2. A cannabis flower cycle is controlled by the amount of darkness it receives in a day. If you keep below 12 hours of darkness, more like 6 or 4 which are common veg cycles, a photo sensitive MJ strain will never flower.

    It flowers when you change the light cycle to 12 hours of darkness.

    The color of the light is just to effect the growth pattern. They boost the red in flower for more overall growth and more power. Forming nice flowers takes a lot more intensity then it does to veg a nice plant. I run more then double the power for flower in the same size area.
  3. It takes roughly 7-10 days for the plant to really start showing flowers after the light cycle change.
  4. Day 20 since change to 12/12 in my garden last night. You can see the flowers starting.
    IMG_1210.JPG IMG_1212.JPG
  5. So mine should change soon then cause that's what I'm running as well the 12/12

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  6. So should I just keep it on full spectrum or until they start flowering

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  7. Id say full
  8. If you have a light with a veg and bloom switch you're supposed to run both in flower. In veg you only run the veg switch to limit power to about half and give a more blue leaning light spectrum to limit stretch.

    Most lights will say to not run them with just the bloom switch on. You run both veg and bloom in bloom.
  9. Light leaks in the flower area that interrupt the dark period can delay flowering or cause it to revert back to veg. That's why blocking light leaks during the dark period is important.
  10. It's the gorilla grow tent there's really no light leaks other then the vents opened to have circulation.

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