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LED light questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rickster74, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. I'm getting ready to try my first grow. I purchased a light from Niemi Samsung LM301B + OSRAM 660nm and the controller is Dimmable Meanwell driver HLG-120H-54A. My questions are:

    The driver has two buttons for intensity up and down, but how do you know where to set it? How bright do you want it for different phases of growth? There is no indicator of what your setting is other than looking at the light output. What do you guys use to know what your light setting is?

    How high over the canopy do you want this LED light? The vendor site says 10" - 14" is that right??

    These are going to be two plants. One fast buds pineapple express and one fast buds gsc both autos. Using soil in a 27"x27"x60" tent.

  2. Mean well is the name of a company that makes LED drivers .
    Does the driver say mean well on it ?
    There isn't a video that you can watch that is offered by the Led Light maker on how to wire up your lights ?
  3. The driver says Meanwell on it. I already have it wired up and working, I just need to know about setting the intensity and the height over my canopy (when I get to that point)
  4. I have my lights as high as they can be raised in my tent .
    I have my lights at 100 % full power .
    1280 watts per 4x8 grow space ..
    Eight Samsung 2v 288 QB .
  5. If you have a smartphone
    Lux light meter (by doggo apps) program will help you adjust the dimmer
    Just hold phone with app running and you can adjust the dimming with the app and dimmable driver manually


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  6. Thanks.
    That sounds great and I'll download it. I am a complete newb though, so my biggest questions are still how high to hang the lights and what brightness do I even want for the different phases? I would be happy to read something if I could find it. I see discussions of numbers on these boards, but as a newb, I have no idea what they are talking about.
  7. Am I overthinking this? Should I just set it to full power and hang it at 24" above the canopy and not worry?
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  8. 30" from seedlings
    Work the light down to 18" to 12 from flowering plants
    Keep an eye on your plants they'll tell you if there is a problem .
    As seedlings watch for heat and stretch
    If there is stretch lower the light , 30" shouldn't see any heat issues

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  9. Thank you so much!
  10. I have a couple of neime lights. I would not run them over 40,000 lux. The 14 inches you refer to is just a max par number and too intense until late in flower. When starting seeds, best approach is to set lights 100% and raise intensity by distance rather than dial. The DR lux meter is $40 from amazon, and readings near walls or reflective material can spike. On my lights 40,000 is about 18 inches and that is optimum, but 45,000 will burn. So an inch can make quite a difference. These lights perform best run high. They are not designed to be blasters. Setting the medium 30 inches below the 100% is a good place to start. Learn to read light burn.
  11. So 40k is a good medium? I’ve been keeping mine at 62k in center to 54 around the edges at about 20” above canopy. I’ve got 2 301b 250w 288. I’ve still not found the ideal placing for them in my 4x4 tent. I think that I need to add one more in the middle. I keep them at about 80%

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  12. How accurate is the app ? And what should my lux reading be? Am I testing the lux at the top of the plants or at the soil?
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  13. So from this reading on my meter I used a lux meter app and at about a foot away from the lights I got 30k lux ... don’t know how accurate the app is

  14. I wouldn’t trust it. Just buy the meter, you won’t be disappointed.

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  15. Lol yeah I don’t trust it too much , I was hoping I wouldn’t have to buy one
  16. Where did you buy your wattage meter?
  17. You can get them on amazon from 32.00 to 200.00
    Whatever fits your budget .

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  18. Amazon
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  19. I wouldn’t trust that app too much. I use a lux meter off of Amazon and it’s really worth the investment. I was able to set my lights up to as close as perfect as possible. It took me a night to get the light positioning and height set.

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