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LED light question???

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Megadethcloud, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I'm awhile from flowering but just wanted to get some advice. My flower tent is 4×2×5. I plan on running 1- 600 watt LED(276watts actual draw),and 2 -300watt LEDs(132watts actual draw). Do you think it will be enough to get good dense flower growth?
  2. yes plenty. you will be around 62 watts per sq ft.
  3. I mean that's what I thought but I've always been an HID guy so I'm a little skeptical. But I will say that the 2 300s are vegging well.
  4. I was not aware how much different spectrums affect pot. That is more than enough light, if possible when running all 3 together run the 276 in the middle with the 130's on the ends tilted slightly inward to blend. You may actually have too much light. Run them high and be prepared to increase nutes compared to hid. I'd be running my humidity high also. I found out the hard way when using 2 spectrums and plants were too large to rotate and started growing one way on one side and another way on the other side. I have found 50w/sq ft absolute max with increase not improvement. Once you hit max, more does not make it better. Kind of like vitamins, you need them, but more does not make you healthier.
  5. I'm gonna start off at 24" above canopy and adjust accordingly. In hindsight I prob shoulda got 4 300watt. But I might just get another 600watt. I just dont want some scraggly thin flowers. But thanks for the input man.
  6. The scraggly is a result of spectrum rather than watts. You can grow very tight node and hard bud plants with not a whole lot of watts if you have the right spectrum.
  7. Yeah 440 watts in a 8 square foot area is fine, I was running about 600w in a slightly larger space and it did just fine. I've gone back to HPS now though, it's easier to deal with the heat when using an air cooled hood. You have enough light for dense bud but you could still get loose bud depending on genetics

    When I was running 75w per square foot I increased my yield compared to when I was running 60w per square foot. If you don't get an improvement over 50w then you must have a limiting factor somewhere else
  8. I'm gonna try this round with LEDs and see how I like it. If I'm not satisfied then I'll just throw a 400 hps in there.
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  9. Yield perhaps. I was only monitoring quality of a 2x2 space. 200w Blackdog and I was maxed.

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