LED light problem. 50% bulbs went out. HELP!

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    (prenote: this isn't a thread about discussing LEDs in general so please do not turn it into one ;))

    I purchased a 90w Gen3 UFO LED from htgsupply in Nov. It's been in use since late Feb. with no problems until earlier today when half of the LEDs on one side decided to not turn the hell on!

    Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, wiggling the cord, plugging it into a different socket and they still won't light up. There is no damage I can see to the light or cord either.

    The HTGsupply site doesn't even have them up on a page anymore which is a little alarming to me haha

    Any suggestions on how to fix it or why it would do such an odd thing?

    Thanks for your time :smoking:

  2. hmm, your light is slowly but surely, dying.
  3. i have the same led. call em up and demand a replacement or store credit. thats what id do.

    tho ive had no problems as of yet this does raise an alarm. thanks for the heads up and keep us informed of how they handle your issue
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    I will call them later today that's for damn sure.

    I don't even want a replacement really cause by the time I settle all this out and it gets shipped, my girl will already be harvested I bet haha. Good thing I saved the packing slip and all that.
  5. Called them today. The guy was nice and said he could issue a replacement, all I need to do is send it back. Apparently their UFO LEDs are on backorder too so whenever they get them in he said they will ship it right out.
  6. ouch. run out and grab some flouros. that should make due till you get the light back. thats a bummer man.... never thought to have a back up light for emergencies as such...thanks for the eye opener.

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