LED light; How High Times has lost ALL credibility

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  1. In this thread we will examine 2 photographs. One printed in the latest issue of High Times and one taken by me.

    Let me preface this by stating that I know High Times is distributed to help it's advertisers sell products, and most of these advertisers do not manufacture of sell LED lights.

    This being said, it is no excuse for them to diseminate false information and other acts of motherfuckery.

    Here is the photo in contention, which I will disect for thee:


    The caption and the blurb in the article claim that because most LED light looks purple the plant may develop signs of problems that cannot be so easily seen when compared to HID. This may or may not be true, and if so can be remidied by SHINING WHITE LIGHT ON THE PLANT! Any grower who cares about his plants will check on them many times DAILY.

    Whom the fuck ever at High Times chose this photo to further disgrace LED lighting. Lets get back to the grower though, and weather or not this was a staged photo:

    The setting ia a 40-site cloner. Covered in crack-rocks. WTF is going on here?!?

    Close inspection sure as HEL reveals problematic developments! This idiot has #1 put plants in a contaminated area, and then left plants in the cloner for weeks?!?

    Did he forget about them, and then when High Times needed a photo said Hey, I have the perfect travesty of LED you can print.

    Here is my photo:


    This is a Romulan in a Growlab40 tent at 1 month. It is growing in a recirculating drip-system I designed. 5 gallon bucket, Drip-Cap on a 4" Grodan cube, and a submersible pump. I added an air-stone because the roots are in the water. The light is Sunshine Sysytems GlowPanel45 which is a 28watt 1x1' panel. This is what a properly cared for plant looks like. GREEN. LED lights are GREAT for vegitative growth.

    The only thing problematic is the plant has outgrown the tent. DARN.

    LED's for Veg, Hortilux Blue's for flower. That is all.
  2. I see your point, good catch! Yet though I wonder why they would do that for, its not like they are trying to run off future advertisers of LED lights? I'm thinking just pondering that LED is getting a pretty good following diffently with serious growers, who else is dropping 1 grand or more on good lights? Surely they are not dumb enough to do this intentionally so I'm thinking they just got some dumb SOB's working there?
  3. it looks to me like whom ever sent that picture in needs to seriously revamp their grow.. i see what looks like some serious salt build up, signs of either nute defficiencies or over fertilizing. the led light isnt the problem in that grow, its the grower..
  4. the LED over this plant only cost $125 and has been on for almost an entire year.
  5. my friend has a kessil purple on his hydro and OMG his plants have amazing growth this guy is right. with the proper led and good growing led's CANNOT be beat.
  6. Except by just about any HID light. But other then that, they CANNOT be beat. :D
  7. This seems to me almost like an editor's issue, and not the writer of an article.

    Lots of times writers in magazines, newspapers, dont get to chose the pictures that accompany their article, or do they get to choose what type of blurbs are taken from their article.

    maybe the editor was being lazy, needed some stock photo of a bad LED grow, and bam there ya go. It's in the magazine.

    Most newspapers/magazines have basically gotten rid of copy editors. Because of that if you pay attention to most newspapers/magazines you'll find horrible mistakes.
  8. Dammit there is always that one person that wants to innerject common sense to a discussion! Now just stop that! LOL
  9. I have come to assume led is the hardest way to grow...almost as bad as cfl....how wrong am I? I use hps and cant get why folks use these things.
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    Because we have limited space/funds for; electricity/cooling solutions/Etc. for HID or HPS. HID and HPS are so goddamn Inefficient also. So if you are trying for a greener/affordable grow you try LED and CFL
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    In my experience, if you buy a quality LED plant light, you will be pleased with the results. Lower heat output, less power consumption, and you can put the plants very close without burning them. The price is becoming less of an issue, you can buy a good UFO off eBay for under $150. As for the Color difference it is very noticeable, you do need to check plants with a white light periodically, spots or discolorations are not very easy to see under LED lights. As for CFL's they should be fine for a veg room, as long as you don't mind waiting.

  12. People don't use HPS because plants don't care about yellow and orange light.

    If you cared about your plants you would use a 1,000watt Hortilux Blue, as it has the best specrum of any growlight. More blues and reds than any other.

    LED's also have mucho red and blues. In this thread :


    you can see the results of a simple 28watt LED over the course of a month. Amazing, GREEN plant with almost no power draw and no heat.

    If you like wasting money and light output party on with your HPS... :hide:

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