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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LEDeedit, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hey,
    i am fairly new to the forums besides just reading threads i just registered so i can post and offer/share knowledge i have as well as ask for help.
    well i just started My first LeD grow.i am about 5 weeks in veg at 8 or 9 inches tall.(a little bit of a N issue stunted my groth) using a stealth box 4 ft high 2 sq feet wide. and i know the lights i have will not be very good for flower.(they might of even of added to the stunted growth as well). i got one of those common 14 watt half blue half white panels and one 7 watt led bulb. i definetly learned quick that cheap leds are not worth while because i had to buy a whole new led light to support flowering. so as im rounding the corner to flowering and i got a 90 w triband ufo light. is their any spacific way i should make the switch. im worried ill stress them out too much because of a new schedual and much better lights . should it be before or after i switch from 24/7 light to 12/12 or is their any better schedule for my situation. i should increase distance. right?
    well thanks guys i will greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer:)

  2. put that better one in there quick.
    the sooner, the better in your case.
    your plants have been starved for REAL light.
  3. thanks dude. that makes sense. they are definetly stunted. any other help / tips? again all help is very appreciated!

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