LED light for 1 or 2 auto's?

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  1. My tents 4×4 but I'm gonna only be growing 1 possibly 2 autos in there and my King LED Plus 600 Watt - King Plus 600w Double Chips Led Grow Light Full Spectrum with UV and IR for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing doesnt seem to be cutting it. My first and second NL Auto came out airy and I only grew one plant at a time under that light so not sure if its the strain or what? I was looking at this light but not sure? ES 180 V3

    I just need a good light for 1 or 2 plants that wont give me some airy buds but some full nugs
  2. That is not 600 w light.
    LED LIGHTING is about a buck per watt.
    and the fine print on the box of that light proves it .

    * Energy saving: just consumes about 120w power,

    Once you start buying or assembling quality LED lighting you will no longer be thinking about buying grow lights like you posted .
    4x4 tent= 16 square foot of grow space.@ 35watts per square foot of grow space you need a 560 watt light or lights .
    the light you plan on buying is not going to do the job .
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  3. just get a 600 watt hps/mh for 135 bucks and enjoy some fat buds
  4. Ya I knew the true wattage and all that before I bought it because a few marijuana sites mentioned it was only good for like 1 plant. I also aint going to be using all the space in the grow tent for 1 plant maybe 2 so I wouldn't need a huge light. I'll post the pics of my last grow.

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  5. I have twenty of these, two of these assembled with dimmable power supplier is 320 watts
    This is a great price too.
    That would light up your tent plus the king light .

    QB288 V2 Rspec Quantum Board – Horticulture Lighting Group
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  6. Alright cool thanks
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  7. That light WITH pruning and LST, should grow at least 1 plant pretty well. The buds you got do look great.
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  8. Try Lollipopping your plants my boy. Start from young, cut off anything and everything that grows under your 3rd node and down. Keep all growth above your 4th. Let all that energy be spent growing you tops. Try FIM your plants if your already far in growth or if still really early, try Topping them. Removing the growth above the 5th node turning plant into a Y shape instead of Xmas tree with 1 main stalk, 2 main branches will begin to grow. Do it to all your branches and you'll have tops everywhere and use trellis netting to even out and fill Canopy. Try supperceopping too. Take your branches and rollo them in-between your finger tips spinning and twisting the branch aiming for a soft fold or bend in branch allowing you to lay it down flat exposing entire branch to light getting more growth and yield, and as long as your careful and don't snap and break branch off, and only crack inner walls of branches(small pop sounds) than she'll heal herself in no time forming knuckles or the area that damage occured therefore strengthening her branches however keep in mind it's a high stress training technique and she requires time to heal before causing more stress or implementing more training or upping feed doses. Time you cannot get back with Autos.
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  9. Thanks for the reply. The light worked pretty decent for my 2 Northern Lights that I grew on 2 different occasions. I figured that light was only good enough for one plant at a time. I moved up in the world of lights recently and got myself a P2500 by Vespectra. The light works pretty good vs King 600. I'm still only growing one plant at a time but maybe Ill grow 2 Blueberry Autos next time I grow.

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