LED Light Design and Build Diary

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by putt4dough, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am partway through an LED build that I have been posting on another forum, but I thought I'd post here as well to get as much advice as I can.

    I am relatively new to growing and have been running an HLG QB288 V2 board in my 2 x 2 tent with some success. I’ve now decided to upgrade my tent size, so I’m in need of more light power. Instead of buying a new light, I’m going to make a project out of it and build my own.

    I’m aiming for 300W of power (supplied to the LEDs) with a base of 3000k white and peaks at 450nm blue and 650nm red. Also, I’d like the light fixture to be modular, meaning that I can easily arrange them together for larger grow areas.

    So far I have put together a mechanical design of the light fixture and have ordered some parts for three lights. Images are below.

    I'm now in the process of choosing the LEDs I'm going to use and design a PCB.

    Any feedback would be great.



    2019-07-09 11_07_17-Window.png
    2019-07-09 11_07_39-Window.png
    2019-07-09 12_52_26-Window.png 2019-07-09 12_53_07-Window.png 2019-07-09 12_57_10-Window.png
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  2. You know I am up for adaption ! you going to spend money on heat sinks like that is crazy .
    The Samsung QB's do not require a heavy duty heat sink like that and if your going that far where is the fan ?
    Straight up if you want your QB's to run longer and cooler put in a dimmer switch and turn the light down 25%

    Your lights look fantastic , lets hope that heat sink will still be needed when the next new generation of Grow lights come out .
    Ps Those are almost a splitting image of my LED supply Cree/Cob kits with a makers controller .
    I have my eight 2V 288 QB's wired in 240 AC volts and running over 150 AC Voltage @2600 Ma
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  3. Yeah, you're right about the modern LEDs not needing much heatsinking. I went with the extrusion purely because I work with it regularly and have a good supply. Once I get some LEDs strapped onto the thing I'll do some temperature measurements to workout how much of an overkill it is.

    Your eight 288 QBs rig must be a thing to behold!
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  4. I'm following too.
    Hope to order some parts in the next couple of weeks for my own designed lighting.

    Do any of you qb owners run there lights under the rated current?
    The Samsung Lm561c is rated for 65ma.
  5. Hey man all in all thing looks pretty awesome. Yea might have overpaid but honestly so have I when it comes to something I love doing. Mine won't look fancy at the beginning but after every grow I will take a break because I only grow for myself. Then I plan on building some kind of contraption.
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  6. Really your assembly looks extremely professionally made.
    By far you have some of the best looking and functioning LED's I have ever seen.

    My eight 288 QB's just have a plexiglass cover with enough space between the QB and the plexiglass for heat to escape .
    They are not on a frame or connected together .
    Some of my heat sinks you can mount two QB's on the others QB's are one light duty heat sink per QB.

    Other issues is not all plants grow equally and you might need one light lower then the other .
    I always mount the power supplier on the outside of the grow area because its that much less heat inside my tents .
    I always run a dimmer switch so I dont have to run my lights fully throttle so my quantum boards last longer and run cooler .
    I like to be able to do everything myself and having all the lights on one frame with heavy duty heat sinks look awkward for one person .
    Last is The light spectrum on the 3000k boards do a great job but there is some room for improvement .
    The plants need far red and photo red , plus they need a certain amount of UVA and IR waves .
    Which the Samsung 288 QB's don't have .
    That is the reason why I have some DIY Cree /Cob quantum boards inside my budding tents.
    That and I had made the cree cob lights before I made the Samsung lights .

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