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  1. Hey guys, so I just got a little 100 watt mars hydro reflector for my 3×2x5 grow tent.

    I've been vegging my two plants with cfls until now on a 24 hour cycle. Will running my mars hydro 24 hours kill its lifespan or disrupt the light spectrum after awhile? If leds need down time how many hours off will it need? I want to keep it as close to 24/7 as possible as I don't have as much time as I'd like to grow them, and need to keep them short and bushy instead of stretching in the darkness
  2. You don't need to keep your lights on 24/7, to me it's a waste

    Go 20/4 or 18/6
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  3. Yes but does 24/7 hurt the led?
  4. No they are fine think of your television most last 10 years before they fade ad Even then they still work just not as bright and vibrant. Keep them cool as possible and you will make your money's worth and probably buy another in time but you buy tp and everything else in life repeatedly so as long as you are satisfied with what ya got enjoy it and 24/7 is my choice as well and mine is still running strong

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  5. Mars hydro doesn't power there leds fully so they can take the beating you put them through however 24/7 light is only ideal for seedlings the dark cycle is important for a plant it's like keeping yourself awake and exercising

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  6. The lights can run continuously without problems

    Marijuana doesn't have any use for a dark period when vegging. I have my lights on 24/0 and they continue to grow around the clock. Cut off their energy source and they cease growing, there's no point in that
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  7. That light will run for 5 straight years before the leds degrade enough that you'll notice it. Don't worry about that. You'll have a better light by then.

    I've done quite a bit of experimenting with 24 hr light cycle. It works great and usually results in a boost in my veg growth. I kept having health issues eventually though towards end of veg. After 3 tries at 24 hr veg I went to 19/5 and I like it. The plants don't get unhealthy like they have before when I've attempted 24 for long periods.

    I also run two rooms so I have to wait to empty the flower room before I can move plants out of veg. This results in about an 8-9 week veg minimum if I keep plants going all the time. After 8-9 weeks of veg you don't need 24 hrs of light. You're going to outgrow the space. 19/5 is maybe even a little much for my veg space. I'm outgrowing it every crop and giving plants away. I've been budding 4 plants in a 4x4 but I get better each crop at making them thrive and it's getting super cramped in there with 4 plants now. Looking at my veg tent I'm going to have to run only 2 plants next time. They're so big there's no way I'll fit 4 in there.

    Long story short yes 24 will work but if you run two rooms do you even need the increased veg growth? I sure don't my veg canopy is almost taller then my bud canopy. I'd rather run the lights less, save a little on electricity, and slow down my massive veg growth a little.

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