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  1. Whats up people,
    I have been looking into LED lights for an indoor set up lately and have been having trouble actually determining which lights are best. The two that have caught my eye the most are:
    (Neosol NS 300)
    (Mars II 1200)
    I'm either spending some cash flow or not at all and I can't really decide the route to take!!!
    Im looking to get at least 5 of these bad boys so help a brotha out!!

  2. well first off, neither of those are the best leds for growing on the market. but if I had to pick one I would go with the mars II and customize the spectrum..but that's IF I wanted to do LED. VHO is my next purchase in lighting.
    Word? Appreciate it dude! Would you mind expanding a bit on that? I started reading about VHO's and was not able to determine if it was actually better. Maybe im just not understanding what im reading..
  4. those MARS II are nice! and those other ones.... gimme a break extortionist prices!!!!
    I love LEDs and will be testing a 1200W mars II next grow. currently using multiple 400w
    though that VHO grow above dose look good!
    but there are many ways to get to the desired outcome! :bongin:
    Yeah the Mars II 1200 is dope! What do you think their coverage area is and how many plants per light? im trying to fill out a 10'x10' room and seeing how many of these things i should get.
  6. I would go with 4 of those 1200s to get nice even coverage. even then, if money were not an issue and if I were to really go all out on it, I would put 4x 700s in every 5x5 area, so 16x mars 700s. I know, a lot, but I like going all out on lighting.
    That would be ridiculous!! I'm considering that now. I'm just trying to maximize my yields in the space that i have. I figured the 1200s would be better off but maybe the 700 or 900 seeing how they are smaller and i could put more into that area. Still have a lot of plotting and research to do.
  8. haha that would be ridiculous but I am ridiculous like that :yay:
    just remember- with LEDs, more low-power LEDs is better than a single high-power LED because the coverage will be more even. Plus, 1200w for a 5x5 area seems a little less than optimal, imho. I would use 1200w for a 4x4. have you looked into jrsaw's thread about the mars II systems?
    I've been talking to another guy in some threads and he is suggesting the low wattage LED (like you did) and a couple 600W HPS for flowering. Im actually gonna have two 10x10 rooms so i can have one room in veg and the other flowering. What do you think??
  10. Totally depends on if you wanna do a complete LED grow or if you just want to supplement an HPS grow with LEDs. you can get great results with LEDs the technology has greatly improved just over the last couple years. If you were to do hps with 600w I would still be using 4x 600w lights and 2 LEDs per 600watter. I would personally not try to mix in hps because you wouldn't be getting even coverage-I'm kind of anal about that. But that's just me. I would get a custom spectrum red main square units and supplement with small blues. like the kessils.
    So youre saying if I were to go all LED then I should customize the spectrum? Obviously the plant needs different light in both stages but I talked to a supplier and he said that the light covers all spectrums and that I would not need to set any wavelengths for specific periods of growth. Maybe just have one room set for flowering and the other for veg?
    Also, what would you suggest for ventilation? And is C02 an issue for LED???
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    one room each for flowering and veg would be fine. and if you find a good spectrum on a light you like for a decent price, go for it. otherwise, you could pm me for a decent spectrum to ask for
    C02 isn't necessary unless you have a sealed room.
    Word word. Thats what i've been looking into.
    But honestly....in terms of yield and cost, would I be better off with HPS?? I am so torn between the two and it is driving me crazy hahah
  14. depends, how many grows have you done? what does your temperature situation look like? how long do you plan on sticking with this setup? are you looking for yield right now? how much are you willing to spend here?
    First time, but i'll be having someone with commercial experience helping me along the way. The temperature will be fairly cool, especially in winter, seeing how im in the northwest. I mean if the yield is what i'm hoping it will be in a 10x10 then i'll be sticking with this set up for as long as a couple years ya know? just trying to get the best buds and biggest yield possible. The set up with LED and T5 VHO i put together would run be about 5-7k. Where the HPS set up would be a lot cheaper. And the energy wouldnt be that big of a saving seeing how I would have SO many watts of LED. 3000W HPS i believe would do me justice, no?
  16. I'd do no less than 4kw. in a ten by ten? 4kw min even in an 8x8. If you have a t5 vho setup w/leds I'd go with something like that as long as you have sufficient and even coverage. I assume you'll want some space to walk around each little block

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