LED light 165ww or 250ww.. For my space

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by goombamario, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. So im looking to buy a led light, my grow tent is fairly small 2'x2'x3 ft. Im looking at a 250 ww light that id rather buy but is a little less than twice as expenisve as the 165 ww, so my question is will i see significantly better results with the 250ww or is my space so small that i should just go with the 165 ww?
  2. Can you fit 2 of the 165 watt lights? 2 lights may give you better coverage and a little more flexible for future needs, plus it doesn't hurt to have a second light just in case one light has a problem.
  3. I thought about that but i just went with the 250watt it was like 100$ cheaper than getting two of the 165watt. I just gotta keep my plants to about 1 foot talk i guess

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