LED Indoor Grow. Need some advice please.

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  1. So, the time as come to get onto the growing. Sick of phoning dealers asking if they have anything in, and to be let down. There seems a dramatic shortage around my ways at times. So here I am asking advice on growing.
    I've grown before, it was a long time ago, and I only did the one grow. So I'm back to reading up, and researching.
    I'm looking to grow enough plants to get 5 ounces, which should last me enough to get through each grow, with maybe some time off.
    Ideally I'd like to use LED lights. I've read that they consume less power, and give off less heat. Perfect for my situation. I get kinda worried about spikes in electricity and there's always choppers flying over my house.
    We have neighbours, so carbon filtering is a must. Some recommendations here would be great. We live in a small house. We have space but it's not large. I'd say I have about 5ft x 5ft at my disposal.
    Ideally I'd be growing Sativa strains. I'm reading about SCROG at the moment with Sativas. Keep that in mind. I like Sativa's much better than Indicas, and because this is personal use I don't have to worry about fast grows. I'd just like to do it the best possible way given my finances, and situation.
    I was thinking hydroponics, or something, but then I thought for 5 ounces, is it really worth the extra money?
    I have a budget of about £1000. I'm still researching, and doing all the possible reading and watching videos that I can.
    Some advice would be excellent. What are the trusted brands for LED lights and so forth? What should I avoid? Is my budget reasonable to get started to grow about 5 ounces?

  2. Hey there, welcome to the matrix.

    so, you've got some play cash, and it seems like you've got good drive/incentive to start producing your own meds.
    now you need know how, and equipment.
    first off, measure that space and get deffinitive dimensions.
    second. choose a tent.
    if you are adamant on LEDS and you are looking to start simple, i suggest the mars 2 (mars II) 900 in a 4'x4' or 3'x3' grow tent.
    grab yourself a 6" carbon filter and fan
    a couple ocisllating fans
    depending on where you live humidifier or dehumidifier
    grab a timer or two
    with all that you might be looking to spend around 800 us dollers. thats like... 650-700 euros right? idk... i'm a fool with currency.

    that's the led i was talking about my friend.

    theres the tent i would suggest for starting out
    most likely have a couple little light leaks, but that only matters if you have intense lighting surrounding your tent when the lights are off within.

    uhmmm.... im going to end the post for now... but im sure theres plents more to say/talk about
  3. i would suggest a blackstar from gotham hydro
    hydro sativas will grow huge but u will need lots of watts
    u could do a 5 gal dwc very cheap
    soil grow tend to invite bugs
    beware of china leds look for usa or california built leds
    why didnt u take the blue pill?
  4. those cheap chinease LEDS use exactly the same diodes and heat syncs, the only difference is the housing and the inability to switch from veg/flower.
    oh... and the $700 difference in price
    those lights being built in the USA are using the exact same diodes, they just pay their workers more, so you pay more.
    i personally, wouldn't pay $700 for a shinny piece of metal and a flashy sticker with the words "black dog" on it.
  5. i'ma red kinda guy.
  6. ive heard that alibaba has CREE and other major led chipsets but i dont know for sure
    "just the facts sir" china leds are below usa made crap lol
  7. i've been referring specifically to the MARS II brand man.
    they are copycats, i wouldnt usually buy a product from such a company, because i thinks its wrong to feed off others ideas, but thats exactly what they do, they steal plans and designs from other companys and then stick the light in a giant iron box instead of a sleak little grey one.
    seriously, they can make you, whatever light you want.

    i even got crazy with it and sent them plants for my own light, they said they would love to build it, but it wouldve costed an extra $75 because the design i wanted needed an upgraded heat sync and it used a lot of 5k 10k 15k and 20k
  8. Hope no one mind me jumping in here with a question.
    I ordered a 32"x32"x63" grow tent, and have a couple of 300w LED panels on the way, which will go in. The volume of this tent works out to a cubic meter and change. I'd like to keep the fan and filter inside the tent, and believe a 4" setup would be more space efficient and enough with these cool light fixtures,
    Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. I'm getting a HydroHut Silver Edition series tent…Can't decide on the best size.
    I HIGHLY recommend that you look into Area 51 LED grow lights. I did a LOT of research on them and they are THE shit!  Mine shipped this morning and I am psyched to get it. They are currently running a $50 -off coupon on their site, too. I paid $495 with free shipping and that beats the price of the other light I was considering…which was the Advanced XML Diamond series. But, after doing the research and asking around…the Area 51 is it!
    I'm going to order a 4" Rebel fan  because they got great reviews for both performance and quiet operation. I was told that a 6" fan would be overkill for a small tent. The 4" Rebel puts out 172 CFM and I am told that I will still have to get a speed controller for it and dial it down.
    I am considering a Phresh carbon filter. They got good reviews and seem to be made well from the looks of them. -supposed to last for 2-3 years, too!
    I will be growing in organic super soil (probably TGA brand) because that seems the easiest way and I have been reading lots of great results from that method.
    Can anyone give some advantages and disadvantages to using either a 3 X 3  or a 2 X 4 size?
    4x2 needs more lighting for better coverage, where a 3x3 cant hold as many large plants. a 4x2 can generally fit 3 pretty good sized plants in it (pretty good, not huge)
    3x3 is a bit tricky to fit bushes in imo. unless you grow out one huge bush.
    both of you guys are spot on

  11. Hey man look into these websites
    Currently what im using for flowering.
    What im using for vegging
    A few other good led sites ive been researching are
    I would also do my best to stay away from chinese led.  They have not worked well for me at all.
    Almost bought the MARSII as well.
  12. digging the aquarium led
  13. hey, do you know if that aquarium led has a uv screen?
  14. I do not know.
  15. i've found that a lot of aquarium leds lenses scrub the spectrum for wavelengths that could dammage corals. but those wavelengths are great for reefer.
  16. Interesting i didn't know that.  I can tell you it's awesome for what im using it for.
  17. this is the same exact light... right?
    im looking to switch over from the t5s that i use for veg. and if you're having a good turnout i'd be willing to get 2 of em for my 4x2 veg tent.
  18. I jammed a couple of pro grow 180s into my 2x2 tent last year and have noy looked back. I put supplemental cfls in eacg corner also. Took some pics tonight of my current run.
  19. beautiful.

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