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  1. Hi y'all,
    I'm a semi experienced grower but first time indoors. I've got the 300w LED version of the 32" Stealth Speaker Grow Box:
    Stealth Grow Cabinet Speaker Box With 300 Watt LED Fixture Carbon Filtered | eBay

    Growing 1 Girl Scout Cookies and 1 Green Crack and just switch over to flower at 6 week mark.

    Top of plants are currently 11 inches from LED and I'm concerned that they will grow so tall that they will get light burn.

    I do intend to try and tie the tops down to encourage them to bush out rather than grow taller, but was wondering if it would be worth installing a mild shade cloth in between the plants and the light to lessen the intensity.

    Has anyone has any experience doing this?

    The Dude

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  2. You can start lower stress training. Try and get em to stay down haha
  3. Will see what I can do with training, but the node distance is so small that I think this may be a little difficult... Hence my question if anyone has tried using shade cloth with LEDs.

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    Sorry, some difficulty posting here. In answer, yes I used a shade cloth once using these MIGRO lights but it really hampered growth. I reckon if you have good light distribution in your set up it would help. These lights do that for me. Good luck with the growing of course :)
  5. Thanks for reply Mark.
    Will just try and train the branches down

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