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  1. So I’ve gone out and bought a 600w vipaspectra led. I have now come to realise this is not enough for the 4 plants I’m going to put in

    My question is can I buy another 600w to get it up to 500 true watts or should I look at maybe getting a 900w to go with it

    Newbie so not overly crazy about COBs or QBs

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  2. More light the better as far as I'm concerned.
    You really should get on board with the QB style lighting.
    The lights you are looking at are outdated.
    Take a look around these forums and you'll see what I'm talking about
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  3. can you return the one you bought? there are much better options on the market right now.
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  4. Hello people,i am thinking of getting two of these boards for my 2x3(120cmX60cm) grow tent.
    135W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit
    What do u think?
  5. I can return but not quite sure where to look

    I was so sure on this so at a bit of a loss

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  6. Great lights anything from Hlg
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  7. I was in doubt if i should get this or a black dog phytomax 2-200
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    I use kingbo 300w
  9. Quantum boards are the way to go OP
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  10. For anyone interested I have now bought 2 x qb288 240w thanks for the help

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