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  1. Hey guys right now I'm doing a CFL grow to make sure I have the patience and everything to grow so once I finish one successful grow I want to upgrade my lighting. Now I have the option to get an HPS lamp with cool hood for $100 but it will cost me about double each month because I will have to add more fans plus the fan for the hood because my room is small and heats up quick. So I was looking into the LED lamps because I know LED's don't create as much heat and most the units have fans built into them so a simple fan in my doorway should move plenty of air to counteract the LED's.

    So now I read so many contradicting stories on all of the LED's I don't know who to believe. I would like to hear about some panels you guys have personally used that would be equivalent to a 400watt HPS and I really don't want to spend more than $600 if I do go this route. My grow area is like 2.5'x3' and I plan to try 4 plants if I can in this space and train them to stay smaller.
  2. Check out my rig.

    I started with 400w then went to a 600w in bloom.

    Finally, I got a CLW Solarstorm 800 and it is tits.

    LEDs are great.
  3. what did you do with the 2 other panels? do you still have them and willing to sell? If so PM me the info on them.
  4. The 400w and 600watt were HIDs.
  5. Alright I gotcha. So for my area I think a 400watt HPS would be proper with some cfl side lighting so what size do you suggest in an LED panel to match that and I can use some cfl side lighting with it? I think that one you have now is overkill for me and probably out of my price range.
  6. I would forget the side lighting.

    With the proper reflective material a 400w should be good to go for four plants.

    CLW does make a 400 model that is getting good results, but the price is out of your range.
  7. Alright I'll shop around and post up anything I find in here for approval before I buy.
  8. Go Check Out My Grow In My Sig I Used A 90w Tri-Band From Ebay And It Only Costed Me $117-shipped
  9. Alright I bit the bullet and got an Apollo 10 with a custom spectrum off the advice of a member here. They say 7-10 day turn around then it ships so I will post up a thread how it all works out.

  10. Good luck!

    I would have gone the CLW 400 (if you had asked).

    The CLW 800 is great.
  11. CLW is out of my price range and draws way too many watts on bloom mode. I paid $400 and got a light customized to my specs, plus it's only 375watts draw and has an almost identical par rating.

  12. Yeah, money/price is usually the showstopper.

    I got my 800 on a promotional so I made out.

    It draws as much power as my 600w Cooltube did, but the quality of light is superior.

    Fellow growers are starting to realize the degradation of the spectral output HPS exhibit and are changing out bulbs (expensive) after every grow.:eek:
  13. Yeah that's what stopped me from HPS/MH because bulb cost, electricity, and I would have to run a bunch of fans to battle the heat in my grow room rather than the one currently. I could have gotten a 400watt HPS with cool hood for $100 from a friend, but when I tested it the heat was still ridiculous. This Apollo has gotten good reviews so far but hasn't become that popular yet because they are a pain to oreder since they are direct from china, and 1/3 of the cost is shipping.

    Those CLW units are nice but I'm not serious enough a grower to drop that much although I'm sure it's worth it for the quality. I'm going to keep a journal on the apollo since no one has finished one in their threads although the people I talked to had successful grows. It looks really nice from the literature I've gotten so I'm hoping for the best.
  14. Heat was a showstopper with my CLW when I installed it.

    The chamber temp was getting over 102 F.

    I designed a heat extractor that connected to the ducting I used for my Cooltube.

    Now I get temps no higher then 80 deg F.:D
  15. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays etc.

    2 things....
    1 LEDs suck
    2 China LEDs suck worse :D;):eek::wave::smoking:

    ok seriously, leds work best in veg since they provide more light wavelengths which are naturally created by the sun (660nm and 450nm)
    what they do not provide is ur basic Green/Yellow wavelengths which causes plants to suffer greatly:mad:
    if u add 2700k cfls to ur LED u will notice better growth and firmer denser larger bud formation

    china leds are made of cheap construction and will noticably underperform compared to US products
    checkout youtube led videos for examples

    ur 400w and cooltube should not be too hot to grow. believe it or not large LED panels produce lots of heat

    look for UV-b leds also since plants naturally use UV waves
  16. It's custom spectrum I picked all the LEDs and has 2700k white, full spectrum 10000K white, and 3 different reds. These colors were tested by a member here and I've seen the pictures of his plants which were doing great. This panel has built in heat sinks and fans and won't create anywhere near the heat of an hps. I tested the 400watt hps and I couldn't keep the temperature under 95 degrees and I would have to cut a hole in my ceiling to create enough ventilation which isn't an option.
  17. Opinions are like assholes.

    (Everyone has one).

    The only ones that count are the ones that:

    1. Tried LED and failed

    2. Tried LED and are convinced they work.

    The ones that don't?

    1. Not tried and blow smoke up everyones ass.

    There are a range of LEDs and panels from shit to great.

    Some work for growing mj and quite well.
  18. Jus setup my first led a 180w Apollo... So far I'm impressed. I'm going to use in tandem with a 400w hid though. So my results will be a lil different
  19. Looking for UVB... search for coral reef lighting.. Being its very heavy in uvb's... Also depends on how u setup led not all r stand amounts of colored bulbs. Mine I custom ordered to balance out metal halide.. So there r many many options with every light.. I gotta Chinese living system on my reef. Fucking Inge boss bro.. Grows coral, don't see y it wouldn't grow MJ...
  20. Just got word my Apollo 10 ships today. Can't wait to get it and get it all set-up. I will document the grow as best I can on here so we have some easily accessible information on the cidly LED's since they are about 1/4 the price of the competition who actually just basically relabel these Apollo lights because they order their components from china and just assemble them here and most the rumors are cidly makes the components because they are a leading LED producer. They are well respected by aquarium owners who have nothing but good things to say about their products.

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