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  1. Personally im a fan of Hydroponics systems and HPS lights but im a little worried about police using FLIR cameras. I know there are steps to getting around them but frankly im just a tad lazy. :D

    I've been reading about LED lights creating tons more lumens per sq ft but do they provide the full spectrum the plant needs like HPS or MH lights do? :confused:
    Lemme know, time to blaze a little and head to class :D ill be back in a bit
  2. C-A-R-T-E-R
    Heading to next class soon... buzz is gone... any1 care to share? :eek:
  3. Theres a button in the corner that says reply. :wave: You all must have missed it. :rolleyes:
  4. try going to the lighting section, from what i know LED lights are great because there is no heat but they dont have very much penetrating power. i was reading a magazine with an article in it about some new LED growing light that has about 20 diodes in the size of a dime resulting in better penetration. i would get those or wait a few years until they come out with some better LED lights.
  5. I am an LED user and I could not be happier. I am using a 126W Hydrogrow. I have just completed my first ever grow and I got 2.5oz with 2 plants. I could of gotten more of a yield if I used bigger pots. The light uses 1w LEDs but that does the job just fine. The biggest issue I have with the light is that the footprint is small because the light has to be so close to the top of the plants. With LEDs LST is your friend. If you are doing large grows I don't recommend LED lights because you will spend a small fortune. Good luck.:D
  6. did u build the light set up urself or did u buy the UFO LED set up?
    would u recommend it?
    also what strain did ya grow if ya dnt mind me asking dude
  7. I don't know if you meant me but, it is a Hydrogrow 126W grow light. Hydro Grow LED I paid $425 for it. I compared a lot of lights and this company stands behind their product with a 3 year warranty. This is the grow that made me buy the Hydrogrow light: http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-g...grow-led-vs-180w-pro-source-led-light-12.html
    I would definitely recommend this light. Since it was my first ever grow I was using bagseed and I made every mistake imaginable but I still wound up with a good amount of smoke. I am now doing a Bubbleicious auto and a Haze auto in a coco coir mix.
  8. Is the Bubblicious from Nirvana? How far are you? Just curious cuz I've heard that Nirvana autoflowers aren't doin so hot right now.

    My next grow I was just gonna do one big autoflower grow!
    Himayalan Diesel, Onyx, Haze, wad thinkin Bubblicious

    So just tryin to get some feedback on it
  9. dont get the auto bubblicious because i got some and they didn't auto so i had to put them on 12/12 like non autos just thought id let you know bro
  10. Here was my philosophy on my first grow:

    More plants=more yield (I now know this isn't necesarrily true)

    So, I planned on growing all 10 of my femmed seeds. HPS wasn't an option so I invested in LED lighting. I purchased 2 Procyon 100 LED lights. It is a big investment, but these lights are high quality. 56 1.8W diodes per/light, at 40RED:16BLUE

    The quality of light of these lights is undeniably better, but as mentioned above, they aren't good for larger grows unless you have a lot of LED light. Because of this, on my grow, I used T5s/CFLs on the sides to light up my undercanopy. If I had been growin 2-4 plants in this space, I can guarantee that the fluorescents wouldn't be necesarry.

    Here is a peak:
  11. I am only a week into it and it seems to be doing great. I have read the Dinafem autos are the ones not doing so hot right now but who knows. :wave:

    As for the Bubblicious not autoflowering, I personally don't care. This is my second grow and if it doesn't autoflower that just means more veg time and a bigger plant. :hello:
  12. Yea that's what I heard also, that Nirvanas don't autoflower.

    And I heard the opposite bout DinaFem. Someone on ere is growing an autoflower Haze and says it's goin super swell.
  13. Thanks guys, i appreciate the input.
    the 126 W LEDs look interesting. any chance that they will drop from 400$?
    i know it saves energy, but i feel the numbers are over-exhaggerated. :rolleyes:
    originally I wanted to try a closet bubble bucket grow so having no heat would be nice, but are the LEDS worth it? i might just use a HPS or MH, i just want to make sure its worth it before i drop almost half a G on it.
    What are your favorite setups? :D i got aprox 48x48x96. money is not an issue if it will repay itself within a crop or 2
    i like the 126W Hydrogrow idea, but im just not sure if LED's are the right way to go yet...
    the almost no heat intrigues me though :eek:
  14. led will be good

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