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    Hey there everyone

    I'm thinking of trying out LED grow lights, I'm tired of huge power bills and want to try something different. Also there are the benefits of a cooler grow room and using less space etc.

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about lighting, so if someone can tell me whether or not I should go ahead and buy one of these LED Grow Lights NZ - Invest in the future of growing. I would really appreciate it

    My grow room is approx 1mx1m and I will be growing a single autoflower ("quick fruit") via DWC

    Also general LED advice :D
  2. Variety of LEDs out there. If you live in NZ dunno if all the brands are available. Heres a decent review site. I myself used to grow with HPS but migrated from them to all LED now. Not one regret either.

    The LED Grow Lights Review
  3. I just got burned with my Hydroponics Hut 260. It is performing worse than my 150 watt HPS and is very noisy. The best part is that they will not allow a return after 30 days, which really doesn't let you see the flowering results. They also became hostile when I suggested it was an unfair policy.

    I would discourage buying from Hydroponics Hut, as well as ensuring whatever vendor you use has a 90+ day trial period.

  4. Alot of the bigger names now give a 90 day warranty.
  5. Not to fond of advanced. Personally use 2 of California Lightworks LEDs..superior LEDs imo

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